Right Of Reply: Imo State PDP And That Shameless Press Release

By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)

I stumbled over what could rightly pass as a ‘janjaweed’ or jaundiced press release by Imo PDP on social media titled “Uzodimma’s Administration, One year of Colossal failure”, being their latest released Album in their continued show of frustration and ventilation of their ceaseless cry over their loss of power which has become perennial since January 14, 2020. They shot at a close range but their bullet was intercepted by contrary facts and realities on ground and expectedly they missed their target as usual.

They decided to stand truth upside down with regard to the shinning achievements of Governor Hope Uzodimma’s administration in just one year.

At first, I dismissed it as not worth my time or the time of the media team of the government and energy to join issues since Imo PDP has refused to be consoled because they felt that their mouth was forcefully removed from the nipple of Imo breast milk and therefore I pardon their choice to continually cry over a spilt milk, a milk they knew they got illegally. So let the weeping continues.

In that their empty press release numbering about 25 paragraphs, Imo PDP raised certain sundry issues and concluded in their warped reasoning to label Governor Uzodimma a ‘failure’ after what they described as their assessment of the award winning one year of Governor Hope Uzodimma. Obviously, this cranky so called assessment can only come from a doomsday party like Imo PDP that has the penchant of seeing white and calling it black because their assessment is certainly false and one that was concocted from 97 Okigwe road Owerri.

As a matter of fact, I have long stopped joining issues with Imo PDP because you cannot kill a fly with a sledge hammer or try to flog a dead horse. The party is already worn out and famished. Governor Uzodimma has really dealt a deadly blow on the survival of the party as Imo PDP is currently gasping for air. So they can cry adinfinitum.

For me, what is more comical is the timing of the release because I feel that Imo PDP is getting unsettled already having seen the torrential commendations Governor Uzodimma is getting now from Imo people and Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora because of the massive and high quality road construction going on across the state, the introduction of automation system, the civil service reform and other laudable achievements of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

However, I will only react to a few of the points they raised.

    As expected, Imo PDP openly came out to justify that they have been behind the vicious propaganda on both social and conventional media just to discredit the wonderful innovations of Governor Hope Uzodimma towards sanitizing the Civil service and Pension matters in the state. Apparently, having seen that their evil blackmail has collapsed, they have now become fidgeted. You know that there is an extent a lie can fly before it nosedived.
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Let me say this unequivocally, it is on record that the first three months out of the 7 months and two weeks short stay of PDP government in Imo state, Pensioners did not receive a kobo because the then illegal government of PDP claimed they were embarking on pension verification that cost Imo state so much. Thereafter, sensing that there could be a possibility of a rerun, the then government started putting up a cosmetic approach to certain things only waiting after Supreme Court judgment.

Governor Uzodimma upon assumption of office mustered the political will and set out to reform the Civil Service and Pension matters, fight the endemic corruption in the system and ultimately sanitize their system. Though, it is still work in progress but this resulted in the introduction of automation system that has made payment of Civil Servants and Pensioners seamless and in few days and weeks from now, the remaining few Pensioners and Civil Servants with various
yet-to-be-resolved issues will be resolved. So Imo PDP cannot succeed in putting dust into the eyes of Imo PDP. It is a failed venture.
Recall that recently even the Austin Chilakpu led Imo NLC commended Governor Uzodimma for prompt payment of salaries and Pension but Imo PDP will block their ears and eyes from seeing that instead they continue to indulge in infantile and baseless propaganda..

Nothing can be as shameless as mention of the issue of road construction in Imo state. It is an indisputable fact that this is one area that so far, Governor Uzodimma is a gold medalist. Can you imagine a party like Imo PDP that spent nearly 8 months without constructing one single road except the one by Priceless store that was started by the previous administration? This is a party that is opening their mouth without any iota of shame trying to claim all the roads done by Governor Uzodimma without at least thanking the God sent Governor of Imo state for doing in 100 days alone what they could not do in their wasteful 8 months. PDP is claiming that all the roads done and being done by our Governor were awarded by them forgetting that they were busy giving rainy season as an excuse for not doing anything. What a tomfoolery!
Maybe I need to remind them again that in just one year, Federal Secretariat, Chukwuma Nwoha, Dick Tiger, MCC road, Okwudo/Awomma road, College Road Mgbidi, IMSUTH Orlu, Oparanozie, Relief Market roads, World bank, Aladimma, back of Concorde roads etc are either fully constructed or undergoing construction. This is just in one year!

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Perhaps, I also need to draw their attention that currently Governor Uzodimma is constructing four federal roads in Imo- Owerri/Orlu, Okigwe/Owerri, Aba/Owerri and Port Harcourt/Owerri roads and work is going on simultaneously on those roads
Sadly, I know that Imo PDP’s unappreciative eyes will not see that Governor Uzodimma has turned Imo state into a huge construction site?

One thing Imo PDP has that is going for them is their penchant for lies and lack of shame. In their 7 and half months in power, all they could do was the award of 27 worthless Stadia as if that was the problem of Imo people. The then Imo PDP government did not grade one single rural road but was only stockpiling the LGA funds waiting for a rerun election that never came

Under Governor Uzodimma, LGA headquarters were giving a face lift as many of the LGA headquarters where PDP government operated for 7 months were like places where Animals live. Maybe, they had the premonition that the government was not destined to last therefore could not border themselves doing anything.
Again, currently, many of the LGA Chairmen under Uzodimma are embarking on so many projects. Some are building Boreholes, grading and sand filling of rural roads etc.

The Chairmen recently, for the first time in Imo state, shared fertilizers to Rural Framers free of charge. This is just to mention but a few. The PDP government never recorded any single achievement at the LGA level except sharing the LGA money among their bourgeois leaders and I challenged them to dispute me. PDP SHARE THE MONEY, SHARE THE MONEY FAST FAST.

Imo PDP Also scratched the ground in an attempt just to criticize because they have the wrong understanding that opposition politics is all about propaganda, blackmail, condemnation without proffering solution. They forget that they were in power and could not do anything.

Anyway, let me tell them that under Governor Uzodimma, each of the 27 LGA has a fully equipped mobile Clinic with qualified Doctors and Nurses donated to them including drugs and they go round the rural areas dispensing medications to the poor, vulnerable and helpless Imolites in addition to one brand new Ambulances each to each of the 27 LGAs in the state. This is the first of its kind in Imo state. Imo PDP said the Mobile Clinic and Ambulances were refurbished. I laugh and I ask them which one did you buy?

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For their information, Governor Uzodimma does not believe in half measure or buying refurbished Vehicles even before he became Governor. He is not PDP government that went and bought refurbished Vehicles for Imo state House of Assembly members at a high cost higher than brand new ones which they borrowed from banks that the state is currently paying. Recall that many of the Assembly members fought among themselves and with the supplying bank Staff one Ngozi of Union bank at the government House.

Also, the Governor is paying serious attention to the Primary Health centers across the state and he is equally embarking on several Health sector reform. Now let Imo PDP tell us what they did in 7 and half months.

Governor Uzodimma is no doubt an achievement driven Governor. Recall that in less than three months of his government he was able to get approval for the established of a new University of Agricultural sciences. Governor Uzodimma also in his efforts at recovering Imo state University constituted a board of the University where sound minds like Prof Nebo, Leo Stan Ekeh, Tony Ezenna etc are members. IMSUTH Orlu road has been constructed and the abandoned Teaching University with its mother University IMSU are back on their feet now. This is just to mention but a few because so many things are happening at the education sector of Imo state under Governor Hope Uzodimma

FINALLY, let me advise Imo PDP to go and learn the decent way and manner opposition politics is played in our contemporary society. They lack the political rudiments to do that.
Unfortunately for them, they have had the opportunity of administering the state and Imo people saw their best which was not anywhere close to what they are presenting themselves to be.

Imo PDP is already like a personal company of one man who has emasculated the part into his pocket and with this, the party cannot play good opposition politics.

My name is Nwamkpa Modestus and I approved of this rejoinder

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