Rivers APC Crisis: No One Can ReWrite History

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Sir Hon. Lucky Worluh wishes to state categorically that as at Tuesday, no court nor anyone have served him any court paper from anywhere.

I only read like others on social media did, a mere Whatsapp and facebook post said to be emanating from Magnus Abe.

A post intended to humiliate News Paper Houses and intimidate Nigerian Journalists in all ramifications. In which most journalists where also being hunted in the said post.

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Again, Magnus Abe lied just for public sympathy as usual that I ever mentioned the Vice President in my reaction nor linked him with the vice president of plotting to kill Buhari. Rather, the facts on my reactions are in the public domain to prove that Magnus Abe lied if such post is emanating from him truly

Though Sir Lucky Worluh have not been served any court case either by Magnus Abe nor anyone, he is ready to face Magnus Abe in court anyday he wishes to go to court against him for standing tall against his lies and abuses on Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and will never be intimidated by Magnus Abe’s antics to silent Rotimi Amaechi’s supporters while him and his supporters render abuses on Rotimi Amaechi at will without caution

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