Royal Spring Palm Estate: Governor Hope Uzodimma Takes Case To President Buhari

Uzodimma takes case to Buhari

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo surfaced in Aso Rock, Abuja today, to have an audience with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Uzodimma also visited the Villa on 18 January.

Although the agenda of today’s meeting has not been disclosed, it is expected it will dwell on the feud with Uzodimma’s predecessor Rochas Okorocha, now a senator.

The Uzodimma government via white paper has lately seized some assets, including a university and an estate belonging to Okorocha and his wife.

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Matters came to a head on Sunday, when Okorocha led some aides to break the lock on Royal Spring Palm Estate on Akachi Road.

Okorocha claimed the property belonged to his wife.

But government officials in counter-measure descended on the property to chase away the Okorocha crowd.

Police came in to arrest the former governor.

On Monday, 14 of the aides were arraigned at a magistrates’ court in Owerri.

They were accused of conspiring among themselves to disobey a lawful order issued by the state by removing the seal of the state government and entering into the sealed premises of Royal Spring Palm Hotel and Apartments.

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