Russia to appeal against four years ban on global events

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) will appeal against Russia ban from global sporting events for four years.

RUSADA was declared non-compliant with World Anti-Doping Agency [WADA] standards over inconsistencies relating with the anti-doping data discovered during an investigation.

Athletes will not be able to compete under the Russian flag at the 2020 Olympics and the 2022 Winter Games, while Russia’s place at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is also at stake.

On the 9th of December, WADA said it had given Russia three weeks in which it could launch an appeal, and RUSADA supervisory board chairman Alexander Ivlev on Thursday has confirmed that there would be a challenge on the decision.

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“I think it will be in the next 10-15 days,” Ivlev said, according to Russia’s TASS news agency.

“Then the ball will be on the side of WADA, and the situation will develop in the legal field.

“The case is set to be reviewed at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Despite the ban on Russia, individual athletes from the country can still be able to enter global competitions under a neutral flag, as it was done by the 168 Russians at the 2018 Winter Olympics when the country was banned.

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Russian president Vladimir Putin on Thursday opposed the punishment given to the country.

Speaking in his annual marathon news conference, Putin said:

“With regard to WADA and the WADA decision, I believe that this is not only an unfair decision, but also not consistent with common sense and law.

“Putin also said he was confident one global sporting event coming to Russia in 2022 would go ahead as planned.

“I think that the World Volleyball Championship will still be held in Russia, despite the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency,”

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he said.”It seems to me we should calmly wait for the final decision, in particular the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, in order to understand in what position we are in.

“But the Russian athletes were preparing and will prepare for all competitions.”

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