Sallah: Prices Of Food Items Rise In Kwara State

Prices of food items have gone up in major markets in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital as Muslims began to shop for the forthcoming Eid-el- Fitr celebration.

A market survey conducted by Akelicious revealed that prices of commodities like beverages, foodstuff and frozen foods have increased.

During visits to major markets in the metropolis such as Mandate ultramodern market, Ipata market, Obbo Road, Yoruba Road and Oja Tuntun, it was observed that the cost of rice, beans, catfish, potatoes, sugar and vegetable oil, among others have hiked.

Some traders, who spoke to Akelicious noted that the prices of commodities have been fluctuating over a long period of time now.

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At mandate market, Abdulkareem Yusuf said a bag of 25kg rice which was sold for N24,500 weeks ago, now costs N23, 500, while the big brand’s price remain the same at N36,000.

“Big bowl of rice cost N750 as against N600 it sold previously. Small bowl which goes for N680 before now cost N700.

“A bag of beans (white) before now cost N45,000, but is now sold for N47,000 while a bag of red beans has risen from N50,000 to N52,000,” Yusuf said.

He added that a bag of Gari has gone up from N32, 000 to N35,000 as well.

Findings also revealed that a 25 litre of groundnut oil now costs N20, 600 as against N19, 200 few weeks ago, while the same quantity of palm oil now sells for N14, 500 instead of N13, 000. A tray of evaporated milk, which sold for N8,000 has risen to N9,200.

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Another trader at Obo road market, Alh. Abdulrasaq Aro, said a basket of pepper (rodo) which cost N10,000 before is now sold for N12,000.

“A small basket of tomatoes which costs N1, 500 before now, is sold at N2, 000.

“A basket of pepper which we used to sell for N1,600 now costs N2,000. Tatase has risen from N1,200 to N2,000. Small basket of onions is now sold N1000 as against N700, ’’ the pepper seller stated.

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Our correspondent also gathered that a kilogramme of catfish rose from N850 to N950, while a medium-sized chicken now goes for N3, 500 as against N2, 500.

While speaking on the hike in price, a trader, Aminu Adamu, said, “The fact of the matter is that people are taking advantage of the high demand for the commodities.’’

Meanwhile, some customers, who spoke to this medium, called on the traders not to increase the prices of food items for undue profits during the festive period.

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