Scriptures Says Women Are The Weaker Vessel – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

In this generation today we have lots of women taking the responsibilities of men and doing their duties. This is so wrong as God has placed a man above a woman and placed them in their care. Reno Omokri talking about this via his official Twitter handle has said that scriptures said, women are weaker vessels and need to be taken care of.

Expressing on this issue he has said that when a weaker vessel becomes the stronger vessel the house or home destabilizes. That means when a woman runs the home, the organization of the home won’t be like that of a man. This is what Reno Omokri might be insinuating when he used the word “destabilized.”

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However, he further stressed that “no matter how strong your wife is, don’t make her bear the load God created you to bear as a man or husband.” The truth while so many home breaks is that most men relax and let their wives do the winnings and bringing food to the table.

Reno Omokri statements have further caused some mixed reactions via his official Twitter handle, as many agree with him while some are indifferent about the situation. See the screenshots and mixed reactions below:

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“Scripture says Women are the weaker vessel (dont be mad at me. It’s God’s rule). If the weaker vessel becomes the stronger vessel, the home becomes destabilized. No matter how strong your wife is, dont make her bear the load God created you to bear”

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