See Chinese Man Who Was Allegedly Beaten In Nigeria Because Of Coronavirus

As shared On Twitter

A viral video of a Chinese man in Nigeria who was allegedly beaten for having Coronavirus has gone viral and an eyewitness has shared the real reason behind the incident.

In the video that went viral, the Chinese man can be seen lying on the floor injured, before another who was with him, helped him up.

Someone in the background was heard saying he was infected with the virus and this led to many assuming the Chinese man was beaten for allegedly having the Coronavirus.

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This assumption has however been debunked by an eye witness, Adeshola, who revealed that the Chinese man gave a driver two hot slaps first, before he was beaten. Adeshola wrote on his social media page;

I didn’t know this would make it to Twitter, this happened in a place I go everyday and I was there where it happened. This guy gave someone (a driver) two hot slaps first, before he was beaten.

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