See What Greed And Selfishness Did To APGA Under Victor Oye

Look at these 3 Distinguished Senators-elect.

3 of them were once in APGA. In 2015, Chief Victor Umeh, the then APGA national chairman chased Ekwunife out of APGA. Infact, Ekwunife had indicated interest to seek reelection back to the House of Representatives in 2015 when she learnt of Umeh’s plan to deny her APGA ticket.

As a very smart politician who believes in her capacity, she said she will no longer contest for House of Representatives any longer, that she would defect to PDP and contest senate against Umeh. Ekwunife said since Umeh wants a fight, that she will take the fight to his door step and stop him from going to senate.

Believing so much in her self, she dumped APGA and joined PDP. She ran against Umeh and defeated him. Umeh later used kangaroo court procurements to undue her. But in 2019, she returned and embarrassed Umeh again.

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Senator Uche Ekwunife would had been an APGA senator, if not greed from the then leader.

2. Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.
The YPP senator-elect was a full bloodied APGA member. He was APGA in and out. He has rescued APGA in several occasions. In 2013, he saved Umeh from being kicked out as the national chairman of APGA by Peter Obi’s faction.

In 2017, his late entry saved gov Obiano from imminent defeat at the November 18 governorship election. His AfaIgboEfuna political structure was used to deliver APGA in that election.

But what did he get – betrayal. Ozo Victor Oye betrayed him. Gov Obiano betrayed him. Osodieme said over her dead body will Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah fly APGA flag. He was disqualified after the screening committee cleared him. And he joined YPP to teach them a political lesson.

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Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah would have been an APGA senator if not that Oye thought that APGA was his personal estate.

3. Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah.
She is an amazon. A woman with good heart. She pulled her weight behind APGA during the November 18 governorship election. There was an incident during the governorship election in which gov Obiano was in tears, but Oduah moved in and stood for him. She reconnected the governor where the opposition disconnected him and breathed hope of victory into him.

Alas, Oga and Madam vowed that she would never run under APGA. They ganged up against her. They said she is too powerful to control. Part of their plot to humiliate her was the idea of going to take an oath at a Calabar shrine. But she was smarter than then. She was 100 miles ahead of them politically. They planned to use fake APGA delegates to embarrass her at the party primaries.

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As a woman with Grace, she decamped. Went to PDP and took their ticket. Out of 7 local govt areas in Anambra north she won 6. Gov Obiano  only managed to win his local govt, Anambra east for APGA.

Senator Stella Oduah would have been an APGA senator if not that Oye is not a man. He sold out his power as APGA national chairman to cartel.

This is how APGA lost their best politicians who have strong structures to deliver the party at every election.

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