See what President Donald Trump just told Americans that has caused reactions

Donald Trump

Since the win of President elect Joe Biden in the race for the presidential sit in the White House, President Donald Trump has never seized of words as he always updates his official social media handles with claims of election fraud and many others.

He is more persistent every day as the time for him to leave the White House is near. When that time is near he will be kicked out and all his claims of election fraud will die down.

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Recently President Donald Trump has just taken to his Official facebook page saying “Michigan Fraud witness totally debunks Dominion ceo. OANN it was brutal”.

One fact is that President Donald Trump has something in his mind that the world don’t know which makes him to act like this and always talks about election fraud.

After he posted this many people reacted to this post, screenshot of reactions below

What is your intake on this is there something president Donald Trump is not telling us for him to not accept defeat?

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