Senator Shehu Sani Mocks Ebube Agu Security Network

Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani this afternoon made social media user laugh off their stress when he made a funny tweet about the newly created Security outfit Ebube Agu.

The Senator whose social media presence has been felt by many Nigerians online has never fallen short of updating his followers on the recent happening in Nigeria.

In a recent tweet on the formation of the New Security Outfit created by the Governors of the 5 Eastern State at his Twitter handle @ShehuSani, Shehu Sani compared Ebube Agu as a newborn baby born in the absence of its Father, President Buhari, and he joking said Buhari has not given his fatherly blessing to the newborn child.

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He tweeted: “Baba is yet to bless the new Baby Ebube Agu, born while he was away.”

In another tweet, Shehu Sani jokingly tweeted: “I pray that Baba can pronounce the name of our newly born baby, Ebube Agu.”

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