Settle The Youths Now Or You Will Be Forced Out Of Offices – Mbaka To FG


Catholic Priest and the spiritual Director Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Very Reverend Father Cammellus Ebenizah Ejike Mbaka has during last Sunday urged the federal government to try everything within their reach to resolve the issue of the youths unemployment in the nation. He said, the ugly conditions of the poor masses in the nation is becoming something unbearable and the youths will raise up again to fight for their rights.

The catholic priest in his statement during the holy mass homily said; “From the president down to the local Government chairmen have fail the country and they should should start putting things in order right now or they will be forced out from their offices. Those who they employ to protect them will turn to fight them very soon.

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The Youths are hungry and with time which is very soon, they will start hunting for those with political posts to eat up. It is matter of time. Look at our roads, they are in a very bad condition and the government are not doing anything about it. Starting from the time of independence till now, Nigeria as a nation should be challenging a country like Japan, Dubai and host of others in technology.

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The highly anointed Catholic clergy said he do not know what is wrong with the Nigeria politicians that after they are voted into power, they will begin to oppress the poor masses they are meant to protect. What a devilish attitudes? He questioned! He said those who will listen to his Sunday’s message and may want to attack him instead of finding a solution to the problem will not succeed because God himself is angry about the condition of the country. In his further statements during the Sunday homily, he said, just like Jesus Christ used Cain to chase those who turned the temple of God to a market place according to the scripture is the way God is going to force out the evil politicians of their various offices.

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He prayed for the country and the youths and asked God yo rebuild all that has been destroyed in their lives and in the nation.

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