Shocking: How Emeka Ihedioha Used Okorocha To Divert Attention While Raping The State

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The ousted administration hinged on the provision of EMERGENCY contained in the Procurement act to massively defraud the state. All road contracts purportedly awarded were never bided for. Under this EMERGENCY window, the government unilaterally gave out all the jobs to their “ARANGEE” contractors. The main aim of this approach was to extort large sums of Imo peoples money from these arranged contractors with a promise that in future that they have opportunity to apply for variation. This development made it impossible for most of the contractors to mobilise to site. The dubious method by the ousted administration gulped over 5billion naira of our collective treasury.


Unsuspecting contractors of Imo origin following a misleading advertorial calling for bidding for various jobs, turned out in their numbers to apply for both pre-qualification and financial bids. Each of the bids cost N161,000 ( One hundred and sixty one thousand, naira) for registration and another N10,000 ( Ten thousand naira) for the purchase of each bid form. In all, there were more than two thousand applicants who had the least idea that they were called out to be duped. At the end of it all, the entire applications were jettisoned and the award of contracts were shared out from the governors office. It then became a ” PAY AS YOU GO” affair. You pay up front the sum of N3.5million and receive a contract award letter of a value of N16million or forget the contract.

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Also, as a contractor, your job terminates at the block work. The governor through his agents provides the carpenter who does the wood work up to the roofing level.

Ndi Imo this is how our dear state was “REBUILT” in IMSUBEB.


On assumption of office, a ” Monkey” style approach was adopted to cause unnecessary delay in payment of pensions. This dubious and selfish exercise was elongated deliberately for three months just to avoid paying pensioners for that period.

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The then governor engaged adhoc staff who worked closely with his so called consultants to retire huge sums of funds accrued to the state. It is on record that pension arrears within the three months period which this dubious pension biometric verification lasted remained unpaid in his seven months in office.


The construction of mini stadia and council secretariats across the 27 LGAs in the state was a well perfected channel by the ousted governor to massively loot the state treasury.

The treacherous previous administration contracted a consulting firm who acted as a middle man between the state government and the local government area contractors where they fraudulently milked the LGA funds.

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It is in the public domain resumption of construction of gigantic mansions by the ousted governor at both in Aboh Mbaise LGA and Civic centre, Owerri few weeks on assumption of office. It is also known that mansions for both residential and office accommodations were acquired in Asokoro and Maitama in Abuja by the so called ‘ Due ‘ process administration that governed Imo for seven months. It must interest you to also know that major contracting firms in Nigeria erected private residences for some aides of the ousted governor in choice areas in Owerri as part of the condition to perfect the road contract agreement.

Extracted from article by
Okenze Blyden Amajirionwu
Special Adviser to the Governor

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