South east will boil any moment from now because of their stubbornness– Miyetti Allah

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Early this morning according to the leader of cattle breeders in Nigeria. He expressed his shock on how serious the governors of South East has been in their refusal to give them their lands for cattle rearing.

Leader of the group, Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, in a statement issued  in Abuja , said the decision was surprising to them considering the cordial relationship that had existed in the zone between the group and the five state government.

He said that, since they are claiming to be stubborn, and had refused to give us their lands in peace, it will be taken by force and entire south east will be raided and taken over by herdsmen.

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He said Miyetti Allah had never failed to appreciate the commitment of the host governors in ensuring their safety, even in their rational insistence that their people must not infringe on the rights of indigenous farmers to cultivate and harvest their crops without any hindrance. He also mentioned that it’s an insult that the Igbos do not value anything that has to do with cow only their business and money and yet they eat cow meats.

Siddiki said: “It is evident that our organization’s advocacy for peaceful coexistence among indigenous farmers and herdsmen is increasingly making successes in the South East. “This explains our surprise at the latest stand of the governors, which, if implemented, will not only frustrate our people from carrying out our legitimate livestock rearing business in this part of the country, but might be suggestive of a kind of suspicion that might undermine the mutuality of the claim of brotherhood.

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“We are mindful if the various negotiations and consultations still going on in respect of the contentious issues of ranching, colonies and grazing areas across the country, we are hopeful that these issues are considered dispassionately in the interest of Nigeria and the generality of it’s citizens.

“We of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria, south east zone, consequent upon the existing understanding we enjoy with our hosts, and in response to the latest stand by the south east Governors forum, wish to reaffirm our confidence in the capacity of our host governors to encourage the growth of our legitimate trade in their geo political zone.
“It is a very trying period in the history of Nigeria and it is our candid view that the south east whose citizens are the major bonding elements among the people of Nigeria, would provide exemplary leadership in accommodating other Nigerians in their midst, in so far such persons are legitimately engaged in their economic pursuits.” The South East governors had at the weekend in Enugu, during their meeting, agreed that open grazing by the cattle breeders would not be tolerated in the zone by any reason.

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  1. Call a spade a spade. If you come with good intentions, it will be a spade. On the other hand, history knows very well how they were welcomed to settle and coexist with the hausas and what happened after wards. It does not take too much intelligence to decode the hand writing on this wall. This plan is not a spade.

  2. Miyeti ala should stop threatening the peace of the whole country, I'm sure they can afford to buy land and start ranching which I know the south east Governors will be willing to sell to them the rear their cow,. But expecting the land to be given free of charge is absurd. It's time they start thinking of ranching as the solution to herdsmen /farmers clashes.

    1. They want the land free and how many Igbos have they given free lands. They would rather sell it to Igbos at a very expressive. The Igbo man will develop it and they will start chasing the man out of his property. And when you give them your land they will rubbish the area and make it inhabitable for any other person.

    2. The Fulanis rank the number 4th most dangerous terrorist organization in the world. They are natural born killers. We have don't have enough lands in the south east for us to build houses, talkless of lands for Fulani herdsmen cows.

    3. Rearing cows is a private business. They only need the lands as habours for their weapons. They will convert the lands as their base to carry out terror acts. No lands for Boko Haram and herdsmen please!!!!!

    1. How do you expect cows to dialogue? Zoological jihadists are brainwashed. They have no understanding of Democracy. They are blood sucks.

    2. Please it's time we all rise up to defend the land of our ancestral fathers. No blood suckers would be allowed in Alaigbo. Brothers they're daring us. We must come together to protect our land, our women, our heritage and our children yet unborn. Igbo ga adilili

  3. I'm still laughing and sorry for these sorry ass janjaweeds. They really want to test the resolve of the Southeasterners. They may have forgotten Biafra so quick. Not to worry, I guess they are using our brothers in their neighborhood as baits but they are grievously mistaken.

  4. This arrogant and bellicose Miyetti Allah has been offered land in Kano more than enough for its flock, yet this parent organization of the Fulani herdsmen terrorists has its eyes on SE (SS, SW, and Middle Belt) land. The SE will not go for that, and certainly won't surrender the very small land it has.

    The SE does not have the luxury of large acreage to give up, and we will see to it that even an inch of our scarce land is not taken over by anyone, government, or any type of entity on planet earth.


  5. What sort of threat is this? The miyetti people must understand that the igbos are no cowards. You will meet your comeuppance this time.
    The igbos who bonded with and in their host communities bought their land from willing sellers. This group consists of individuals who are into private businesses. At no time did the land Use Act envision individuals when it specifically said/says "for an overriding public interest".
    Buy your land from willing sellers!!!

    1. Which willing sellers? don't take our silence For granted you owned lands in North, but in your region you deny notherners from doing the same

    2. The land owned in the north were they owned free of charge or they were bought? Were you threatened yo sell your land to them?

  6. God who created families, communities and nations will handle this challenge. He is the judge, the lawgiver, the one who gives inheritances to His people. He created all persons. I therefore invite Him to 'sit as the Judge of the whole earth.'

  7. It is the southeastern part that is your problem. The other places you have access to isn't enough. It's clear what you guyz want. We shall not subject our freedom and rights to a cow herder. Involve yourself in ranching and stop trying to deceive God's own people.

  8. What is can say in this matter is that relationship is not by force if you see or notice that somebody don't want you then leave them and look for another person if you don't want trouble but if you want to make it by force then you will take whatever you see, I really thank God for the governors in the South East for standing together this time and I pray that the will keep it up

  9. These Miyetti Allah/Fulani herdsmen association are trying so hard to conquer Nigeria. These people are not concerned with the development of the nation. They are the reason why the nation is still like this. They want everyone under their rule. The SE are not stupid to ask for Biafra federation. The SW, SW are the ones not seeing the handwriting on the wall. Their hatred for SE is the reason why why these Miyetti Allah believe they can conquer all of Nigeria.

  10. Kudos to the south eastern governors. Please do not allow any wicked dictator to scare you into changing this wonderful decision. Fulani herdsman your end is coming. Dare biafra in our own land!

    1. How can the sponsors rise up to the challenge of threats by the Miyeti Allah…but then let's see how it goes. God is over and above everything including their plans.

  11. Unknown: they can come. Am sure south east pple will give them what they want. Let them come out straight n not gorilla like kind of killing. Let a battle ground be announced n they will be sure what will happen to them

    1. Let us support our governors. If they think the southerners can't survive without let them hold on to their cows. Why the threats? We need to start living without the cows, let us look for alternatives then there will be no need for grazing. There will be no need for the ranches either.

  12. Buhari is the problem. Where were the Fulani Heardsmen and Miyetti Allah before Buhari's appointment? They are his foot soldiers. Other countries like Ghana where the Fulanis there wants to emulate their Nigerian brothers failed. Buhari wants to make Nigeria, Fulani kingdom of West Africa. But he will regret attacking South East.

    1. I have always said it, buhari has always been and he is still Nigerian problem. The earlier we know it and ease out the better for everybody. Fulani man may not be the problem per se because President Shehu Shagari and Musa Yar'adua were Fulani men. Nigerians should stop this terrorist by supporting Atiku to reclaim his stolen mandate.

  13. I'm laughingoooo! And I ask "where are the useful idiots" that have been supporting these blood suckers? We don't know who will be the first victims of this explosive. Time shall tell

  14. their victims should be the likes of Amaechi, Ngige and the Onu's. buhari must surly meet Hus Waterloo this time around. Nigeria seriously in need of a Revolution. kill all the bad eggs in Politics the remaining ones will sit up

  15. Is there any reason to worry? Nigeria needs war from a willing and ready quarter. It will enhance easy Biafra.

  16. The South East survived the civil war of attrition, and unlike the Hausa brethren the tribes of the South East will not be cowed. Dan Fodio kindred gear up, our lands will hold cattle colonies owned by us, and us alone.

  17. You people have failt before even history can confirm that,Stop inviting trouble to your region,What you people are doing out there if we are to do the same here in north, I'm telling you your people will live a miserable life

    1. If the Igbos left North, it will be the poorest in the world. Who are building the houses, the cities in the North? Northerners brings destruction and death. Anywhere they settle will be turned to slumps and wasteland.

  18. Point of currection pls. Owning acquired and/or bought lands. Nobody gave anyone free land to build his market. The Igbos paid and are still paying for the use of lands anywhere in the country.

  19. Mberede nyiri dike ma mberede ka eji ama dike. Igbo's cannot run away from their land. I see a long battle coming. Let everyone be vigilant in the SE.

  20. Like seriously!!! Is it by force? They said no then go. There is very massive bush and gracing lands in the north have you finished eating up those ones? Why are you people forceful and barbaric. You are even voicing the evil out with impunity. If you destroy every where and people you will perish in loneliness. It does not end here on earth, if you touch God's people you shall rot in hell for eternity!

  21. The Igbo settlers buy and develop plots of land in the North and elsewhere in the country for the purpose of their businesses and residence. The Myetti Allah cattle breeders want to grab people's acres of land forcefully for their business of Cattle rearing. It's foolhardy to make a comparison of the two scenarios. If their entry into the Hausa land which took place in 1804 had taken place this century, they would have failed woefully. They should not attempt such a mission impossible in the South East. They've been getting away with their brutal escapades in the past couple of years because Buhari is overly behind them. Any move by these herdsmen soldiers to further their nefarious activities would invite revolution in Nigeria. Both them and their sponsor may not survive it. Thumbs up for the South East governors.

  22. why is the activities of herders different in PMB 's administration, because we have been living together peacefully before now.. Why the strange request if there is no hidden agenda by the herders and this administration.. You can't insult Igbodiegwu and go Scot free..

  23. The matter should be taking serious because life is precious. The federal government should be aware of this treat and also act fast before it will be too late.These are not political statement. The people of south East should be alert because is going to be fire for fire. If it is true then southerns in the north should relocate now.

  24. This is an empty threat, nonsense south east don't want cattle grazing is IG by force? Miyetti Allah should dear the south east this time and see

  25. Miyetti Ala should know that nobody has the monopoly of violence, the threat to take our land by force is to be easy for them. I will advice to negotiate n purchase land to do the business as obtainable in other civilized countries.

  26. They meant every word that comes out from their mouth. This is part of the plans they have that made their president leave the country without the digest of his inauguration… Shame on South eastern governors if they take this statement for granted. I don't see one reason why they should be given land or sold land for anything. They are all terrorist, rapist, murderers and anything bad you can think of.

    My problem is that they will say it and as well carry it on as planned because the mighty hand is with them. All we need to do is to get prepared and wait for them. That stupid man that made that statement might not be alive to witness the the whole things. Devils

  27. It is pathetic in a country with leaders recently elected that the threat of the Miyyeti Allah will be published and a group of people that calls itself an elected will not do anything to put an end to it.
    Stories abound in some communities in the East that the Fulanis will know on doors of helpless widows at the odd hours in the night to rape and maim.
    It is surprising that the herdsmen being sponsored by the powerful and might will announce such threat without any provocation but because we dared show our disdain for internal domination or a kind of colonialism.

  28. If Igbos will support me and 700MEN financially. I tell you the north will be destroyed completely and totally. Fear will not all any hausa-fulani man or woman to cross river Benue how much less coming with cows into any part of Igbo land.
    IPOB led by treacherous hungry political agent of Islamic terrorist 're receiving billions of naira from Igbo Biafrans just for mentioning the name Biafra on social media, on radio and at the same time killing our people.
    Support us, we will teach them the lesson of jungle and gorilla warfare.
    Who 're the MYATTI ALAH, didn't they see Sambisa forest in the north north east of Maiduguri? They foolish elders, the northern elders forum and the AREWA consultative forum claims that Sambisa forest is in land mass larger then the whole of Enugu state, let them go their and feed their already famine stricken humans and useless cows.
    Let Ndi'Igbo support me and the 700MEN, even under this Islamic regime of an dead Mohamadu Buhari, we will scrap off hausa-fulani out of Biafra land as a whole.

  29. What an open threat.Well the adage says that you don't tell the deaf that there is trouble. He who sounds the drum of war has no guarantee of winning.

  30. God Punish him And his generation so it has become the issue treating and force what happened to the land in Daura South East Is your target we shall see useless idiots we are waiting for you and your sponsor Buhari God punish una there.

  31. The sudden interests for land in the South may not be unconnected with the hostilities in the North: terrorism, banditary, cattle rustling etc.. Cattle owners have enough resources to buy land for ranching.
    The problem is lack of appropriate technology to manage modern animal husbandry & the false perception that cattle breeding is a traditional occupation of only the Fulanis. Even though the bulk of the beef consumed in the country is from cattle reared by the Fulanis, other individuals & some state governments rear cattle.
    The governments at all levels should create an enabling environment for animal husbandry: technical assistance, loans, lands, farm implements, water, security etc. for animal farmers. This is the only way crisis between herders & farmers can be prevented.

  32. Our Economy is in disarray, depression encroaching yet religious motive conquest agenda is all they know.

  33. Beef is only one of the sources of protein. Can't the governors go further to ban the sale and eating of beef in the SE? The animal that is connected to killing of human beings should be declared unclean. In fact the less beef we eat the healthier we become. His can you be patronising a business whose proceeds are used to buy weapons to kill you? Eating of beef should be declared an abomination in every Igbo family or event.

    1. I agree with you more than one million percent. We should not be eating cows as the fulani terrorists herdsmen are committing genocides in the name of rearing cows. Cows can not equate to the human beings slaughtered by fulani terrorists herdsmen. I have stopped buying and eating beef meat, as well as their goats. My hard earned money will not be used to sponsor fulani terrorists herdsmen atrocious acts. I plead with everyone to do the same, for the love of God and humanity.

  34. Ndigbo ibem, ka anyi were ako na uche mee ihe. Onye erizina anu nama ma O bu efi. Kanyi riwanu anu ndi ozo. O buru na anyi mee otua, Oga me ka ndi uchua kwara ngwogwo haa pua na ALA igbo. Onye nuru ya gwa ibem ya. My family and I stopped eating this unhealthy meat more than 3 years ago.

  35. We are not going to fold up our arms and watch these margots called fulani terrorists to also commit genocide again against our people and still get away with it. We should kill them the same way they have been going about killing other people. Southerners must stop buy and eating fulani cows. We should be raising our own animals. By so doing we will rid ourselves Fulani herdsmen from the south east. People must be vigilant and find out all the bushes and forests where the Fulani herdsmen have hidden their weapons and artilleries. they know all the forests and bushes in the south, and they have stacked up their weapons in those bushes. My people please wake up before it's too late.

  36. Other tribes can equally raise cattle, but in ranches. This is where the governor's can enable.

  37. the Fulani would not be able to manage the hatrade they are attracting to themselves from other tribes in Nigeria when the effect starts. but if they start championing peace now, they would be able reverse the consequences.

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