South East Zonal Congress And Unity Of Imo State PDP

By Ikenna ONUOHA, Mnipr

The South East zonal Congress of the people’s Democratic Party (PDP) held at Micheal Okpara Square, Enugu State last weekend has come and gone, but memories the exercise left behind are still reverberating in the minds of members of the party in Imo state.

Prior to the exercise, opposition parties and mischief makers had wished the PDP failure, and other things that could bring the potency of the party down.

Lo and behold, the South East zonal Congress ended up stabilizing the already ensued peace brokered in the party to reconcile aggrieved members.

However, people had been fed with wrong and purging information that the reconciliation in Imo PDP was between the two party heavyweights, not knowing that it was to calm down the nerves of every opposing factions. Though the most noticed was that of the two heavyweights.

Just like the PDP had organized herself before the unknown crisis riddled the party, the zonal Congress provided a new vista of unity and cooperation which enabled the party to cast vote according to her harmonized list.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the Congress, mischief makers had rumored that one of the leaders of the party in Imo state, Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu (Samdaddy) was sidelined, kicked out, dumped and omitted in the Imo delegate list, but the same group of crisis inciting individuals became surprised at the arrival of their Achilles heel.

Not only that he featured prominently, but he joined his brothers, Imo sons and daughters to cast his vote in ensuring that the agreed harmonized list including candidates from Imo state were elected.

Politics is good in one part, it is also bad in another part. Either ways, what is most important in politics is the number of persons the practitioner had affected positively.

It is annoying that novices are still misinforming gullible individuals that the peace talk in the Imo PDP is a smoke screen. This is because those outside the purview of the party will never know what is discussed in the inside.

One thing that is important today in the Imo PDP is not how Peace will reign as the same peace has continued to reign, but how to formidably fortify the efficacy of the potency of the party’s winning prey.

Just as it is said in the Igbo adage, “onye asiri la wa, na muna nwannen emeziela”. Meaning; any one that gossips should leave, as I have settled with my brother.

Therefore those still fanning the ember of discord should leave the PDP in Imo state alone as every misunderstanding and skirmishes had become a bye gone.

Today, the genuine peace and reconciliation as ever clamored for has permeated into the fabrics and main-brain of every member of the party in the state. What this means is that the party has become one and nothing but one.

It is a known fact that you disagree to agree, even in a marriage that has lasted for sixty years, the couple can still quarrel, but should not allow the misunderstanding to degenerate into break up or divorce. This is the secret of a happy home.

The People’s Democratic Party in the state is not an exception. The qualms had come and gone, its memories can only be re-echoed but does not have the capacity to disintegrate the costly peace ensued.

What is expected from every genuine member of the party in the state is to sensitize, canvass and project the image of the party beyond the shores of Owerri, Okigwe and Orlu zones.

The consciousness for development, victory and success should be the watchword of every member, rather than secretly brewing crisis to consume the party. Never shall such a thing be witnessed in PDP again as far as equity, fair play and sincerity are made to be practiced by every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Like I have always stated, the only thing that brews crisis in an organization is when the ego of a concerned member is tampered with. When fairness and due process are sacrificed on the altar of greed and selfishness, infighting, crisis and destruction are inevitable.

PDP is one and will continue to remain one until God’s willing, the party wins and takes over the mantle of leadership not only in Imo state, and South East, but Nigeria st large come 2023.

By so doing, we shall be expecting Imo, South East and Nigeria of our collective dreams!

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