Southern Governors Una Do Well – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha yesufu who happens to be the co-founded of the bring back our chibok girls, has made used of her official twitter handle in accordance of expressing her views toward the ongoing issues of insecurity and banditry in the southern path of Nigeria following the fact that president Muhammadu has refused to visit the area.

However, before Aisha yesufu blows hot today concerning southern governors, several days ago southern governors held meeting in order of ironing the matter of insecurity in the country. Though the issue of insecurity has not yet been tackled but Aisha yesufu today used her official handle in order to appreciate all the southern governors and their efforts in planing to put an end to the issue of insecurity, banditry and insurgency in the country.

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According to the statement of Aisha yesufu in accordance of blowing hot to all southern governors towards their efforts of seeking an end to the issue of insecurity in the country (Nigeria).

“Dear Southern Governors Una do well! For every North there is a South and no region has monopoly of being self centred & intolerant! We all can be crazy & everyone has bed in psychiatric hospital”. Aisha Yesufu is trying to show appreciation towards the efforts and precious time of which all the southern governors waste in order to address one of the dreadful issue disturbing the country.

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