Speeches That Dethroned Emir Sanusi

Lamido Sanusi has a sharp tongue, some would say a caustic tongue. While as CBN governor he tongue lashed CEOs of the biggest banks in Nigeria for mismanaging depositors funds and actually dealt with them. He even at one time tongue lashed the yoruba elites for being the trouble with Nigeria.

He made lots of enemies within the business elite, but it was when he started taking on the political elites that his troubles began.

He raised questions about the NNPC remittance of crude oil sales into the federation account. He allegedly that $50 billion oil revenue by NNPC was unaccounted for. This earned the wrath of President jonathan and his supporters. Jonathan revived a dead parastatal we had never heard of before to investigate and try him. At the end of the day he was accused of financial mismanagement at CBN and suspended until his tenure expired.

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But as fate will have it, he got appointed as the new Emir of Kano by the Kano State council kingmaker after the death of the erstwhile Emir, Ado Bayero. Some say it was the work of the then Kano State governor Kwankwaso, in order to spite president Jonathan. Mind you even Kwakwanso did not escape Sanusi’s caustic tongue, as he had accuse the governor of mismanaging N700 billion.

One would assume that as the second most important northern traditional ruler Emir Sanusi would rein in his tongue, but alas, it went on overdrive. He started tongue lashing the northern political elite and the northern establishment for pauperising their people, for the almajiri system, girl child education, and a host of others. He eventually took on the governor. He criticised the Kano State governor and failed to endorse him for a second term, not minding that he is actually an appointee of the governor. After Ganduje won his second term everyone knew it was only a matter of time Governor Ganduje deal with the Emir. And he did deal with him in a brutal and humiliating way.

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