Sponsored Media Attacks Against A Genius: The Bane Of Effective And Responsible Communication

By: Tony Ezike

Spotlight On The Purported Harassment, Nkerehi Women Protest Against Godwin Maduka, Written And Forwarded To Fides Media And ABS By Abuchi Onwumelu

The world over, it is very common to see people resist positive changes, therefore the combined machinery of Anambra State Government, the proponents of Nkerehi community and their media collaborators are equally free to exercise their rights to resist civilization as a means of promoting APGA on one hand and sustaining their jobs on the other. Otherwise I don’t understand why APGA leaders and members should be the ones peddling the fallacious report against Dr Godwin Maduka on their various print and social media handles.

Now let’s look at the merits and authenticity of the sponsored protest against a perceived obstacle to APGA government continuation pipedream. How many structures have those minions accusing Dr Godwin Maduka of molestation, intimidation, harassment and wanton destruction of people’s property in Nkerehi built in the community compared to Dr Maduka’s massive infrastructural legacy?

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Most pathetic was that a revered media platform like Fides went ahead to publish such fallacious news despite the fact that the accused person among other things built and equipped places of worship for the Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal Churches? For what other reason could he have built those facilities if not to appreciate God and show love to humanity?

Is it not a big shame and clear indication of complete administrative failure that a government that conducted referendum whereby the proponents of Umuchukwu defeated the advocates of Nkerehi by a devastating vote count of hundreds against tens of it turn back and lick her vomit for any reason whatsoever? How can any sane person define ABS as the official media house of Anambra State Government when the agency could publish a story that portrays the state government as inconsistent and untrustworthy?

The truth is that sponsored stories like this gives little or no room for professionalism, otherwise both Fides and ABS should have reserved the news in KIV and conducted proper investigation before going public. This is important because the role of the media in public administration is very strategic, in the sense that it might end in a boomerang (like this particular one) if not tactically handled.

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This is not the first time APGA has sponsored malicious demonstration and publications against PDP and her very reputable aspirants. Clear as this particular attack was, it started with urgent 2k demonstration at the government house to a corporate publication on the official media house of the suspected sponsor. On a matter whereby Umuchukwu defeated Nkerehi up to the Federal Court of Appeal? Where is the vision of this brotherhood of the rooster?

A similar attempt to disparage Dr Godwin Maduka and Senator Uche Ekwunife previously by an APGA gubernatorial aspirant was officially raised and condemned by my office. As if that was not enough, subsequent attack in Nnewi by suspected APGA and YPP thugs on another PDP gubernatorial aspirant Valentine Ozigbo was painted by the APGA Information Commissioner C Don Adinuba as an attack on self by PDP without evidence of security information.

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That too was condemned by my office (PDP Media Directorate), the office of state PDP Publicity Secretary Nnamdi Nwangwu among other well meaning organizations and citizens of Anambra State. They have started again by sponsoring derogatory articles against a man that has built more houses, more infrastructure and has invested more in human capital development than any other Anambrarian alive.

Sincerely I’m not against people collecting money for jobs, but the truth remains that one really need to look beyond financial inducements in taking critical decisions, otherwise the result will be nothing to write home about. On this note I humbly implore the sponsors and executors of these incessant attacks on our great party to desist forthwith and explore legitimate channels of resolving all civil (or imaginary) issues as constitutionally provided.

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