Steps To Resolve And Reconcile Complaints Of Imo Workers And Pensioners

The Imo State Government has continued to resolve complaints from the migration of the payroll system into the Enterprise payroll system for a seamless operation and settlement of workers/pensioner’s entitlements promptly.

Recall that a huge fraud was uncovered from the Civil Service and Pension payroll upon review by the Shared Prosperity Administration of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma.

This leakage of public resources flourished due to the manual means of payment processing and an immediate solution of migration into an automated system became necessary.

A Data Management Center has been established by the Shared Prosperity Administration of His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma for the automation process and resolution of complaints. The Center, which is controlled by seasoned professionals in Data Analysis, ensures prompt payment of workers/pensioners entitlements through accurate data management, which is transferred to the office of the Account General for payment.

Also, all disputes on nonpayment of entitlement are collated and resolved by the center.

For those caught up with one issue or the other arising from this migration process, outlined below are procedures to follow through for the resolution of pending cases.


  1. A protest letter with details of the unresolved issue should be sent to the Head of Service / Civil Service Commission through the Head of your MDA.
  2. An attestation letter from the Head of your Department confirming you as a member of your department. (forms are in the ministry)
  3. A copy of the Bank Account Statement indicating the last received salary.
  4. A copy of the certified true letter of appointment and/or transfer of service, authenticated by the transferring MDA and the receiving MDA.

All complaints must be submitted through the Head of Service (for State Government Workers) or Local Government Service Commission (for LGA workers) and not to the Data Management Center (DMC).

Simple compliance to these would swiftly resolve pending issues.

It is therefore imperative that we support this Administration as Shared Prosperity requires shared responsibility.

His Excellency has continued to clarify that the Shared Prosperity Administration would not be blackmailed to continue business as usual to the benefit of a few and the detriment of all. For the moment, while the unpleasant experience abounds to the workers with issues, the long-term effect is a treasured service to all.


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