Stop Following Me. Your Following Is An Insult, Reno Omokri Fumes As Accusations On Kumuyi Grows

Reno Omokri And Kumuyi

The allegations about the founder and senior pastor of the Deeper Life Church, Pastor William Kumuyi, is gradually gaining special heights as the mother of the boy who was allegedly abused continue to post crazy stories about the incidence, connecting it to the founder of the church.

The woman who’s son was allegedly maltreated has been accusing the pastor of many things since the incident occurred, probably because the pastor is yet to make any public statement about the incident. But the allegations she made are all unverified because it is all her word against the clergyman.

Reno Omokri few minutes ago has called out everyone who believes the ‘lies’ being told against Pastor William Kumuyi to unfollow him because their following alone is an insult to his personality. Foe believing what the woman has been alleging, be says it is an insult.

In his recent Tweet, he listed out the allegations the mother of the allegedly abused child made against both the church, the school and the founder of the church,m and school. The woman has been going live on Facebook to make one or to statements about the case and hoe far it has gone.

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She has not stopped mentioning the pastor in all her posts, especially whenever she goes live on Facebook, listing videos and making claims of things the pastor and his church are allegedly doing to stop her from getting justice for her son.

These are the allegations Reno Omokri listed that the woman has accused both the lead pastor of Deeper Life Church and the church itself;

•Deeper Life/Kumuyi shut her Facebook page

•Deeper Life/Kumuyi asked a kindergarten for her address

•Deeper Life/Kumuyi sneaked in a doctor to inject a child

Reno went further to state that, the man of God has been living an examplary life and must not be insulted and downtrodden by those who do not like his success nor know his personality. He declared support for Pastor Kumuyi saying he knows the man is innocent.

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He says he knows the kind of quality work Pastor William Kumuyi has used his life to do in the house of good, he has used his life to build the church of Christy and that God should bless him. In his words he said “I stand with you”.

This is the concluding tweet he made;

“If you believe these, kindly stop following me. Your following is an INSULT!

May God bless Deeper Christian Life Church, and Pastor William Kumuyi, a man of God who has lived a life that is a pattern of good works and virtue. In Christ’s Name, amen. I stand by you. I am proud of what you have used your life to do for Christ.”

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This has got many people talking, the way the issue is going, many are starting to disbelieve the abuse story of the woman and her son. Especially for her continues insult in the pastor who has not said anything since the issue occured.

In my opinion, the woman should stop insulting the man of God not to attract the wrath of God. The pastor is not the principal of the school, he doesn’t stay in the school neither does he have anything to do with that happened.

Insulting the man of God would only draw more hate and unbelieve, she should be calm and allow the police do their work. After the investigation, the whole truth will be revealed and until then, she should be calm and hope on God.

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