Stop Suicide And Embrace Hope

It’s a seminar and sensitization across all the thirty six states plus FCT Abuja in Nigeria to fight against suicide which is increasing rate is alarming.
From international community to our local country, the news of Suicide is dominant, so we all know and feel its impact directly or indirectly.

As a trained counselor and a political scientist from Enugu State University, I am touched seeing many lives go down just like that.

I am therefore ready to work with all citizens and non citizens who are interested in the program.
“Hope is the instrument of disarmed person “
we need to educate the students, youths, adults and generally Nigerians to Stop Suicide and Embrace Hope.

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Since it’s a national seminar and sensitization, it’s devoid of tribalism and sectionalism so you can advise, support, donate, volunteer, give reference and make prayers for the national task.

We don’t have all needed resources yet, but we have to move on because how pressing this situation has become in Nigeria.

It has national committee members which enjoys the legal counsel of barristers, guidance of reputable educators, businesses owners, students leaders in Nigeria, and it has corresponding volunteers/ leaders in each of the States in Nigeria.

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It was created by Edeh Elijah Chinedu in the 15 May, 2019.

Let’s work together as we look forward to partnership and sponsorship from Nigeria and international communities.


Comr Edeh Elijah C.
National President
Association Of Southern Nigeria Students ( ASONIS )

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