Sunday Igboho Is Speaking For Himself, Not For The Yoruba People, Pick Him Up Now – Michael Akanji

Sunday Igboho

A Yoruba man named Michael Akanji took to his twitter account to urge the Federal Government to pick up Sunday Igboho immediately after the activist claimed that Yoruba people are not interested in being part of Nigeria anymore. It was reported few hours ago that Sunday Igboho accused President Buhari of practicing nepotism, alleging that Buhari only appoints Fulanis to head top federal organizations.

According to reports, Sunday Igboho threatened to open the borders closed by the Buhari’s adminstration, he also called on Yorubas residing in the North to come back home and unite for a common cause. He alleged that the Yoruba people are suffering and they aren’t going to be slaves on their own father’s land. Sunday Igboho said that the current situation would go beyond control if the United Nations refuse to help the Yoruba people separate from Nigeria, alleging that the Kings in Yoruba land are solidly behind them.

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Igboho’s statements attracted a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians. A Yoruba man took to his twitter account to inform the Federal Government that Sunday Igboho is only speaking for himself and not for the good people of Yoruba land. Michael Akanji also said that this kind of issue shouldn’t be overlooked and the Federal Government should pick Sunday Igboho up immediately.

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