Sunday Igboho’s House Was Razed, But 2 Things In His Room Were Not Burnt

Sunday Igboho’s House

A few days ago, it was announced that one of Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s residences was burnt down by suspected hoodlums. The incident occurred at 3 am, when everyone was asleep. 

It is very surprising that in spite of the enormous fire outbreak, which actually demolished Sunday Igboho’s residence, 2 things were observed inside his living room that was not burnt by the fire. 

After his residence was burnt down, and everything in the house was burnt, 2 special things were not touched by the fire.

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Information reveals that his house, which was demolished by fire, is situated at Soka, in Ibadan. Although, he was living in the house, before he moved to his new residence in the same area.

When the pictures that are showing his burnt residence was zoomed, there was a specific picture in a frame, fixed on the wall of his living room. This picture is inscribed with Mr, and Mrs Adeyemo.

The same fire that burnt down everything in his living room, didn’t burn the picture which he fixed on the wall. Almost everything inside the residence was burnt down, aside from this picture. 

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The particular wall where this picture was fixed, has already turned to black, because of the heat from the fire, but the fire didn’t touch this specific picture.

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