Supreme Court Review: The Difference Between Imo And Bayelsa

In Bayelsa case,
1. The APC applications at the Supreme Court lacked merit and failed to point out errors on the judgement.

2. The case of forgery against David Lyon’s deputy was re-established by the court’s ruling an indication that the forgery was actually committed by the deputy.

3. The Supreme Court as the apex court has decided to take the bull by the horn by living to it’s constitutional role as the last hope of the masses with such a landmark final Judgement.

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In Imo’s review case,
1. There’s an obvious error in the judgement against Rt Hon Ihedioha in the 388 polling units submitted by Sen Uzodinma.

2. On the 2nd of March, 2020 when the review of the Supreme Court will come up, the Court will definitely jettison the errors in the 14th January, 2020 Judgement by reversing the constitutional and fundamental error.

3. Rt Hon Emeka IHEDIOHA’s mandate is likely going to be returned to him on 2nd March, 2020. The Supreme Court has waken up by realising the importance of putting itself on the annals of history. The Supreme Court from all indication is set to reverse itself on the matter.

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