TB Joshua Prophecy: Instead of the pandemic ending, it has increased to 533,015

I do not judge TB Joshua but I want to minister directly to his followers…

Dear follower of Akelicious News Media, I understand you… I know you are confused and have a lot of questions regarding this situation…. I know you still want to overlook this obvious false hope and continue to believe in your prophet… But I am here to encourage you to TURN TO JESUS AND NOT ANY PROPHET…. Seek the TRUTH… You have been holding on to a lie … You have been holding onto FALSE HOPES… it is now time to let go of all false hopes and EMBRACE THE TRUTH.

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Secondly, now that SCOAN is closed down, HAVE YOU DIED?
Now that TB Joshua can no longer see you face to face, has God also gone into isolation?

I want to help you realize that you NEVER needed a 3rd party in your relationship with God. Tb Joshua and other prophets know this truth but they use the media to seduce you to themselves lest you discover the truth and expose their irrelevance.

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Stop traveling from pillar to post in search of prophets. Start developing your spiritual antenna to be able to commune with your father One on One.

I have nothing against Tb Joshua or his failed prophecies…. I predicted accurately that by today, the world will have over half a million corona cases based on existing statistics but Tb Joshua, like other religions, came with their false hopes.

Be ware of false hopes honey…. Beware of the prophet who says to you “IT IS WELL” when it is not well.

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