That Dishonourable Action Of Imo State Lawmaker, Kennedy Ibeh

By Stanley Okehie

…quick recovery Dee Finian

I elected to write on this topic because Mr. Finian Chuks is well known to me. He is a worthy and dependable ally and Boss too. If he had died (God forbid) while receiving the beating of his life by thugs working for the Lawmaker representing Obowo State Constituency, Kennedy Ibeh, I would have attended his burial, cried at his graveside and spent some resources too. Now that he survived that onslaught by beasts in the guise of bodyguards to a Honourable member, it is right I bring the issue to the public for condemnation. It could be me or you next time if Kennedy Ibeh is not made to show remorse for his dishonourable action.
Before the watchful eyes of the public at Imo State APC Secretariat on the occasion of reception of some PDP members defecting to the APC on Thursday, Finian Chuks was battered like a common thief by thugs working for Kennedy Ibeh acting at the behest of their Boss, I suppose. I could hear myself shouting; “leave him naa? What did he do? Why beating him like that?” Those questions never changed a thing as the beating continued unabated and savagely too. Two plastic chairs were destroyed on Finian’s body. Blows flying from left, right and center. The beating started from inside APC Hall to the outside, and the efforts of sympathizers at the scene could not rescue Finian. His attackers left him when they saw blood gushing out of his face.
What is Finian’s offence?
Finian Chuks, a journalist and publisher of Newsfield Magazine and Newspapers had arrived Owerri from Lagos his base and lodged at Stone Castle Hotel at the instance of Kennedy Ibeh. It is over three months now, Kennedy Ibeh has neither paid a dime as a hotel bill despite the fact that Finian had judiciously discharged his duties as a media aide to the lawmaker. Worthy of note is the fact that Finian had consistently published stories and advertorials in his Newsfield Newspaper promoting Kennedy Ibeh and his school – White Label. What did he get in return? Kennedy Ibeh disengaged him unceremoniously without prior notice, without offsetting the hotel bills and without salary not to mention other ill treatments meted out to him. How callous can people be! Use and dump mentality of some Nigerian politicians.
In a chat with Finian, “from the period of election, I have given my total support to Kennedy Ibeh. This support has also led to agreement that put me on payroll as a legislative aide. What did I get in return, Kennedy Ibeh disengaged me, stopped my pay without any proper communication. All efforts to even see his face and speak with him proved abortive. One faithful day, I had to wait at his gate from 7am to 3pm only for him to come out and drive off”.
Last week, Finian had in his Monday May 25, 2020 edition published a story headlined; “Kennedy Ibeh behind Imo Speaker’s ordeal.”
In the said publication, Newsfield detailed the desperate moves by Kennedy Ibeh to take over the Speakership of Imo State House of Assembly by ensuring that the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins is ousted through certificate scandal allegation hanging on his neck.
“Our source claimed Hon Kennedy Ibeh, the member representing Obowo State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly is strongly fingered in the clandestine and sustained move to impeach the Speaker”, the tabloid reported.
“The source, who described Hon Ibeh as savagely ambitious, quoted him to have boasted before his friends, that he will emerge victorious in his fight to emerge the Speaker of the Assembly come what may.
“The source maintained that Ibeh had since deployed both men and resources to see the Speaker ousted through the certificate scandal.
“When this is done, he will become the Speaker,” the source said.
The Newspaper also described Kennedy Ibeh as “funding and promoting cultism in Obowo LGA such that Obowo citizens are now at the mercy of cultists” .
What further evidence is needed to prove what was published about Kennedy Ibeh in the newspaper report in view of the inhuman treatment meted out on Finian at the APC Secretariat? I am worried because If Kennedy Ibeh could descend so heavily on his brother and former aide, what is the fate of an ordinary person in the hands of Kennedy Ibeh. This calls for urgent attention and action. People should rise up and condemn this act because it is barbaric and inhuman. The right thing to do when a news which you find unpalatable is published against you, is, either you sue the media house to court, or put up a rejoinder or even call a bluff of the report if you so wish. Resorting to physical attack in full glare of the public is infringing on the persons fundamental human rights. Kennedy Ibeh admitted that his aides whom I love to describe as thugs beat up Finian Chuks in a release emanating from his office. In the said release, there was no atom of remorse at all. All I saw was a man filled with pride, pomposity and over bloated ego. For this reason, Kennedy Ibeh should be made to pay for his actions to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to do same in future.
I make bold to call on the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly to initiate moves for appropriate sanctions on Kennedy Ibeh. Imo State government should also rise up and condemn this act. NUJ should issue a strong worded statement condemning this act. Activists should take up this case and ensure Kennedy Ibeh is made to show remorse for his wicked actions because it is Finian today, it may be me or you tomorrow.
Stanley Okehie
Owerri based Journalist, an eye witness.

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