The 3R Revolution In Imo State: The Changing Narrative In Imo Governance

Stanford Arinze Nwokedi
SSA (Gov) Public Enlightenment.

To the glory of God, to say that IMO State has become a huge Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery site is an understatement. The truth is that already,  in just a year of the Shared Prosperity Government of H/E Dist Senator Hope Uzodinma, there is a positive revolution going on in IMO State.  Despite all the political and sundry machinations, including but not limited to a ravaging pandemic, the EndSars agitations and the unconscionable stage-managed recent mayhem in Orlu,  there are very rampant, very credible and very numerous advancements in the lives and true welfare of Imolites, across board, in terms of infrastructural upgrades, deft management of state affairs and a total positive re-engineering of governance. The indices are there for all to see.

The only touchy issue now of the remnants of workers/pensioners yet to receive their entitlements had been the result of a perennial high-profile fraud enterprise that has now been bursted. Those behind the mindless fraud and therefore behind the unnecessary delays have been spotted.  The narrative has changed so irrevocably and their nuisance is now a thing of the past! The irreversible reforms are now sure to cruise home without the body wedges of those involved.

IMO was a theatre of the worst scenes of oppression, infrastructural deficit,  mis-governance and unearthly graft. Time was in IMO, our dear State, when the people bemoaned the very essence of government. Government was like a structure for the selfish aggrandizement of the leaders even to the detriment of the vast majority of the people. The economic emasculation of Imolites for close to about 9 unhindered years prior to the coming onboard of the 3R government had legitimized roguery and made hunger very rampant in the land. It is expected that the immediate remedial reforms of the emergent 3R Government would be resisted by the usurpers and not just a few would not be deceived that the new order meant well. The mess had gone on unchallenged for so long that the average public psyche reflected that of a completely enslaved soul with no help in sight while the usurpers had their field day looting and even handing their mantles of  usurpations to even their in-laws and cronies. It was a hopeless scenario from whence we arrived this day!

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Alas! At last, the IMO Hope arrived and the gist of IMO, ever since had changed and changed indeed for good.
There was so much  economic emasculation of Imolites that loyalty to the government became enforced by the handouts usually made available on the platform of partisanship, i.e using the people’s money to enslave them. Many fell for the trick.

Today, the testimonies of IMO are those of RECONSTRUCTION, REHABILITATION AND RECOVERY. The “I no go gree” attitudes of the old war-horses should expectedly predate our eldorado. The truth that the coast of IMO is clear now for unassailable success should rather console us to go through the tortuous but necessary reforms in good fate with our HOPE assured.

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Take a look at the three zones of IMO State: equity reigns and every zone is benefiting massively.


The State capital remains the gateway to IMO State. The government is conscious of that and has kept the 3R revolution in top gear. An endless list of massive road reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery as well as  other public utilities and amenities dot the landscape of Owerri zone. The entire zone unanimously attests to this revolutionary feat. The latest PolyNekede/Iheagwa road construction is now an awe to behold. It was a site for political opposition dramas; Dick Tiger Road/ massive balloon-technology drainage; Douglas Road; Aladinma Ring Road wonder; the Cranburge Owerri – Orlu and Owerri -Okigwe stretches; etc etc


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The reconstruction of the  Teaching Hospital Road Orlu has been superbly executed with quality and speed; the intangibles achieved by the appointment of a new CMD in the Teaching Hospital shall revamp the institution; Okwudor -Awo Omamma Road is ongoing in quality too; Okporo- Omuma Road has been recovered for the use of all; Craneburg has begun the Orlu -Owerri  dual-lane Road from Banana Junction; the rural Roads are sites also of road rehabilitation revolution; the list goes on and on!


From the Okigwe Expressway to St Mary’s Catholic Church has been asphalted. The road is now a complete turnaround via 3R. Night and day, construction work is ongoing in Okigwe! Cranburg is pursuing  the Okigwe – Owerri Road with pace and quality from  Okigwe end. The rural roads in Okigwe are sites also of reconstruction revolution. Only a government inspired by God would achieve these results in just one year.

What we owe this Shared Prosperity Government is our support and prayers. *If in just one year we can achieve the above listed feats, in three more years, our testimonies shall abound.*

May God continue to envision the 3R government of Shared Prosperity.

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