The “EFCC Slogan” That Provoked Many Nigerian Youths

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Sunday 1st of August, posted a slogan of the commission on their Facebook page that got a lot of Nigerian youths provoked.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC is a governmental agency created by the Obasanjo administration in 2003, to combat financial crimes such as advance fee fraud, money laundering, internet frauds, and etcetera. 

For many years now, the commission has lived up to its expectations, in combating financial and economic crimes in the country. 

On Sunday, the agency took to its Facebook page to post a befitting slogan for the commission, which was entitled: “In God we trust, all others, we investigate“.

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It was not too long after the slogan was posted that a number of Nigerian youths attacked the post with numerous comments.

Some of the comments by the Nigerian youths goes thus;

Adetunji Oduyemi: ” You guys need to learn from the FBI, especially in the depth and precision they undertake their investigations. Before they arrest anyone, they already have the evidence, unlike you who go and burst into people’s privacy abd businesses, arrest everyone and start looking for evidence. It’s very unprofessional.” 

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Jimmy Miracle Nwajagu: “Rephrase…we investigate everyone that the crime isn’t linked to the ruling power. You trust everyone in the ruling class. Whenever EFCC is ready, their investigation will also focus on the elites because they are the ones looting.”

Monday Madubuike: “False! In God you probably trust, but a select few you investigate!” 

Kemi Adelakun: EFCC eagle’s eyes are still blind to politicians living above their income.” and the comments goes on.  

Could this be a clear indication that the Nigerian youths have lost trust in EFCC on the mandate given to them by the law to fight financial corruptions?

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