The great significance of President Buhari’s visit to Borno State at a time like this

President Mohammadu Buhari was in Maiduguri, Borno State on Thursday June 17, 20, on a one-day working visit to the State that has been under constant attacks from the Boko Haram insurgents. His visit to the troubled state was to boost the morale of the Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram terrorists, while he also commissioned some projects done by the incumbent Governor of the state, Prof. Zulum.

Meanwhile, the great significance of his visit to the state at a time like this cannot be overemphasized, especially when considering the timing of the visit. Recall that in recent times, the military has suffered a number of attacks and casualties in the hands of the Boko Haram insurgents, which is enough reason or factor to demoralize the troops fighting this war against the unrelenting insurgent group. But with the recent visit of Mr. President, their morale has just been renewed and reinforced, they now feel a true sense of belonging.

Some persons may not understand the great significance of this visit by President Mohammadu Buhari. Recall that Mr. President equally took time to interact with the troops, and that includes those injured while in the war front. To the troops, this gesture from President Buhari meant a lot to them, at least, they have been reassured that the nation cares about them, that their people have not abandoned them to their fate.

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Also, remember that in the midst of all these, the media which includes the social media community have consistently analyzed the situation of things. Some times, you read a lot of unpatriotic posts from some Nigerians on these platforms, to the extent that some insinuates that Mr. President cannot visit some of these troubled zones or states because he fear for his life. And some of these soldiers get to read some of these things, which in turn affects their minds and psyche, and they might begin to see it that they have been abandoned by the same people they are risking their lives to protect, and to equally give lasting peace.

In fact, the humility exhibited by the President while interacting with the soldiers is enough morale booster to the troops. Like seen in some of the photos, President Buhari has to bend towards som of the soldiers to enable him hear them well. Probably he was listening to some of their complaints, and in response, he definitely must have assured them that those things will be addressed and on time.

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Meanwhile, those who understands the great significance of his visit to Borno State have continued to applaud him for that, including those who have always criticized and attacked him on several occasions. For instance, Reno Omokri who antagonizes the President as often as he could was surprisingly full of praises for President Buhari this time around, just because of this same issue

“I commend General Muhammadu Buhari for visiting Maiduguri. This is a good move. It is a strategic gesture.

And this visit to Maiduguri is significant. The residents of the town have felt abandoned for a while. Buhari’s visit will reassure them that they are not on their own, or forgotten, and it has the added benefit of motivating our troops,” parts of Reno’s post reads, and so with some other persons.

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The President also charged them to make these terrorists and other criminal elements bedeviling the nation feel the ferocity of the country’s military might. Now, this is a direct task from Mr. President, and the troops would not want to fail their President who has given them his trust and confidence. So, the great importance of the visit can never be over emphasized, and the timing as well.

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