The most famous casino cheaters

casino cheaters

For many people the human desire to win can be so overwhelming that the only option is to cheat your way to victory, and this has been true since pretty much the beginning of human civilization, if not before. Let’s be honest here, cheaters are everywhere in life, regardless of what you actually happen to be doing – play 666 Casino games. And we would all be lying if we said we hadn’t cheated our way to something at least a few times in our lives, it’s just part of what being a human is! 

But here’s the thing: whilst cheating in a family board game isn’t really the worst thing in the world, there are a variety of things in the modern world in which cheaters are really scorned. Probably the main one is in the word of casino gambling, where cheaters can not only cheat their way to victory, but cheat their way to absolutely huge casino jackpots in the process. This is bad news for casino establishments, as nobody wants to be unfairly cheated out of a fair amount of cash money. Keep reading for some of the most famous casino cheaters from over the years. 

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Richard Marcus 

As with the vast majority of casino cheaters that we are going to explore today, Richard Marcus operated primarily in the gambling mecca that is Las Vegas, and it is no surprise really considering the amount of opportunities to cheat in casinos there are in the Nevada desert city. He was a pretty inventive cheater too, so it was very difficult for casinos to build a solid case against him, because he would constantly chop and change his methods. 

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One of this most famous casino cheat tricks comes from his ability to rapidly change the position of his chips on a roulette table in order to reflect where the roulette ball was going to land. Although Richard Marcus was arrested more than a few times for casino cheating, he never actually got locked away due to the fact that nobody could build a proper case against him. 

Tommy Glen Carmichael 

Tommy Glen Carmichael was just an innocent TV repair man until he realised that he could use certain parts of his profession to help him rig and subsequently cheat slot machines in Las Vegas. Mr Carmichael thought up many ways to cheat his way to victory on slot machines, and even invented his “Bear Paw” tool – essentially a sophisticated iron rod that would scramble a slot machine’s coin input system. 

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He earned millions of dollars over the four decades of his cheating spree, however he was eventually imprisoned in 1996.

Dominic LoRIggio

The other guys we have mentioned were true casino cheats, however in the case of Dominic LoRiggio things are slightly more difficult. You see, the man, commonly called “The Man With The Golden Arm” amazingly taught himself to throw dice in exactly the combinations that he wanted too. 

This meant he was practically undefeatable at the game of craps.

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