The New Imo House Of Joke And The Mercenaries Of Doom

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If there is any group of people whom a political leader must avoid more than a plague, it is that group of politicians who were friend with his predecessor yesterday, and are angling desperately to be his friends today, because he is the new sheriff in town. You do not need any soothsayer or a special kind of pundit to tell you that should your own successor require a sword to kill you tomorrow, the same people would make themselves very available and with much more venom than they helped you try to strike your predecessor.

Today, members of the 9th Imo State House of Assembly are baring their fangs against members of the Rescue Mission political family, as if they never were elected just yesterday. These House member who have less than ten days to the expiration of their tenure are acting like there will be no more legislative arm of government after the expiration of the present session. Had they the slightest modicum of honor, they would have walked away quietly and allowed the incoming house members do some of these hatchet jobs they are doing for the Ihedioha government. But, to this set of house members, honor is foreign and prescience is unaffordable.

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It is important to note that as loud as some of the decisions reached by these jokers on the floor of the house are, most of them are nothing but mere jokes that shouldn’t be taken more seriously than the hues of a desperate whore on the streets, seeking a new customer. A whore on heat can do anything just to swindle the next client, but some whores are actually more responsible than some of these present house members, who yesterday told the world that there is no human yet created that is better than Owelle and today is making itself a willing weapon for the futile task of demolishing the same Owelle.

If the present house members were not jokers, they would have known that some of the resolutions they arrived at today, are not issues that require legislative intervention. Asking a governor, who heads the executive to sack his appointees whose appointments were not in the first place ratified by the house, is legislative ignorance made too glaring. Had they been qualified, an initio to serve as members of the House, they would have known what businesses to be left to the executive to handle.

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Also, the legislators asked the governor to ‘unleash’ the EFCC on his predecessor, in order to recover whatever loots the former governor may have taken. This resolution is in itself puerile and further betrays the ignorance of that gang of jokers who sat in the Chambers today to further make fools of themselves. The house members seem not to know that the EFCC is not an institution under the governor, they also have a false understanding of what the EFCC is empowered to do. The EFCC is not an attack dog of the government that can be unleashed at will by those in power. It is an institution of government with a mandate to fight corruption and not for political persecution.

The resolution requesting the new governor to revoke all lands allocated by the previous administration is also silly. This is a direct call on investors to vamoose from the State. This resolution also reeks of nauseating legislative arrogance and the most disturbing level of pettiness on their part. The new governor had during his inauguration made known his intention to set up a committee to review land allocations in the last eight years. If these house members had some honor, they would have allowed this committee to conclude its work and come out with a report. This report may now be laid before the legislator for consideration and approval. It is unfortunate that rather than wait for this procedural line of action to be followed, the house, obviously in a haste to please the new governor, maybe for some flakes of rotten bread, chose to jump the gun.

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If it is safe to identify some people as enemies, the new governor should see this set of house members as his worst enemies, as they are mercenaries of doom, rather law makers and servants of the State. They are laying booby traps for the new governor to fall into, so that they will have an opportunity to scorn him next, and jump into the next available ship.


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