The North Is A Generous And A Caring Neighbour – Adamu Garba

Nigeria is a country that is diversified in ethnicity and tribes we are also subdivided into the north, south east, and west regions.

But after recent raucous in the country between the west and the north following the actions of some Westerners to eradicate all northern cattle rearers from their land, some Hausa youths decided to take matters into their own hands by refusing any truck carrying food items from entering into any state in the southwest.

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Investigation revealed that some Hausa youths stationed at the outskirts of Niger State, popularly called Kara-Jebba, near Jebba in Kwara State, last week stopped many truck drivers carrying food items such as tomatoes, beans, yams, cattle, pepper among others, from going further from Kara into Kwara and other states in the South-West. But after the due response from the Nigerian defense and security agencies, everything has been brought back to normalcy.

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After all this recent development one northern man who has been an out spoken choice on Twitter, identified as Adamu Garba has come out to say that the north is generous and caring to its neighbor.

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