The Only Way Unity Will Remain In Nigeria Is To Allow South-West To Produce President, In 2023 Says Afenifere

An Elder Statesman and one of the Leaders of Afenifere, a Yoruba Socio-Political group, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said that unity will only remain in Nigeria, if the South-East region of the country is allowed to produce the President, in 2023.
The South-West Leader, spoke on Arise Television, on Friday.

He carpeted President Muhammadu Buhari, who he said has not shown any concern for the unity of Nigeria as a nation.

He also condemned the President, over what he described as failure to mention issues relating to restructuring, in his Independence Day speech to the nation.

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“You talk about unity, that is where you will know where the sincerity lies. If you are keen about unity, will there be a unit of the country that you will deprive Presidency? What does that mean for unity?
“We are talking about people who want Nigeria to stay together. How can anybody who loves this country, talk of the Presidency coming to the South-West, in 2023.
“That is why I tell you all these people are not serious, including Buhari. Why should you exclude the South-East? Is the South-East not part of Nigeria?
“South-West has had, South-South has had, the North has had, why exclude the South-East, if you want them to be there? That is the point I was making earlier on”, he said.

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