The People’s Power: Charlie Nwamgbafor And APGA De Kamkpe

By: Joe C Anatune

Power belongs to the people. This, Cee Cee Soludo, APGA Flag bearer for the November 6, 2021 Anambra Governorship Election knows very well. This, too has been the magic wand that has kept the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA in power in Anambra state in the past 16 years.

Both have earned the love and respect of the people which they treasure greatly and do not take for granted.

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Yes the critical mass of Anambra demanded for Soludo to run. They gave their time, talent and treasures in furtherance. Today he is running and the people are glued to him, glued to APGA; even more emboldened and vociferous in their support. He is focused in scoring the goal not minding the tackles.


As he daily knocks on doors, walks on campaign trails and shakes hands in the streets, the people mobs him with love, in ecstasies as hearts open. He remains one of them, their Charlie Nwamgbafor, the village boy who made good, in whom they look up to for that livable and prosperous homeland where the world will come to invest, live, work, learn and relax.

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Be of good cheer!

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