The Real image of Jesus Christ is not what you see Everywhere – Reno Omokri

A Nigerian man advices Reno Omokri special adviser to former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He said “Go to Jesus and accept him to save your life”

He said this attaching a picture that is generally used to represent Jesus’s image.

Seeing this, Reno Omokri explains to the man how that the picture used is not the image of Jesus Christ.

He said

“Dear @Richard88745,

This is not Christ. On Earth, Christ was a Jewish Rabbi. Nobody knows how He looked. He certainly did not have blond hair, blue eyes, or pale skin. Study Scripture. Don’t just follow White European supremacy and think you are following Christ”

He advises him that he should not follow white European supremacy and put to heart that he is following Christ.

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No one knows the real image of Christ and no one should be termed Christ on earth.

No earthly man can truly save another earthly man only christ himself can. He can do that through a man but no just the man.

Stop worshiping images which you don’t know it origin.

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