The rejection of Ebubeagu by WIC exposes the rift between Igbos and their Governors

Prior to the creation of this new outfit, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, started a security outfit to curb the activities of banditry and kidnapping in the region by Fulani terrorists. This happened after several months of waiting and agitations from south easterners for their governors to take action following the frequent killing of farmers and destruction of farm produce.

The long-awaited security outfit has been established but unfortunately, instead of embracing it as a positive development, a lot of Igbos have exhibited their lack of support for the security outfit as many viewed it as rivalry against the already created security outfit, ESN. Some others have been speculating that EBUBEAGU was Federal government-sponsored to infiltrate and frustrate the effort of ESN.

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To make matters more unfortunate and promote these speculations, Miyetti Allah, a cattle breeders association has shown interest to join the EBUBEAGU security outfit. This has made many people question the true intention of the creation of the new outfit.

The World Igbo Congress WIC expressly stated that they are not in support of the newly formed security outfit as stated by the chairman of the congress Professor Ifeanyi Ejiofor. WIC however, asked the governors to work with ESN to regain the trust of their people.

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These circumstances have also shed more light on the rift between South Easterners and their Governors. It has shown that many Igbos have no support or trust whatsoever in their Governors and political leaders.

Like the World Igbo Congress has stated, the only way for the Governors in South-East to win back the trust of their people is to support ESN instead of forming a new security outfit.

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