The Significance Of IPOB’s Boycott Call Off

By Tai Emeka Obasi

While many people lampoon the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu for his latest call to his millions of followers to finally participate in the polls, deep thinkers are strictly looking beyond the surface of that call off.

Although many attacking Kanu are coming from the angle that the election boycott was unnecessary in the first place and that such extreme stance prevented numerous of his followers from registering for PVCs, the significance of the call off should not be swept under the carpet.

IPOB came into existence because the Federation was clearly marginalising the South East, a marginalisation that got to its worst ever level under President Muhammadu Buhari. That Kanu and IPOB became very vocal and active under despotic Buhari is no coincidence. Buhari has no human feelings towards the Igbo nation. And Kanu and IPOB responded in kind.

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It got to a head when IPOB drew the hardline – No Election In Biafra Without A Referendum.

By sending pythons after them instead of getting to the negotiation table, Buhari exacerbated the situation instead of extinguishing it. Whoever advised him made a foul-up…but then when has Buhari ever been advised appropriately? Either he doesn’t listen or he has morons around him.

At one stage many started labelling Kanu a selfish opportunist after an illusionary enclave he would milk for honey. An extremist grade of accusation. The non Igbos like Nasiri el-Rufai saw Kanu and IPOB as a tribal group of terrorist with less value than his Fulani Herdsmen. Pathetic!

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But by calling off the boycott Kanu and IPOB cleared many doubts –

1. IPOB is nowhere near a terrorist group. NEVER!

2. IPOB are not against Buhari because he’s Fulani or from the North as erroneously portrayed in some quarters.

3. Kanu and IPOB still believe in Nigeria provided it is a new Nigeria that will bury all forms of nepotism and marginalisation.

4. Kanu is not looking for a Biafra he will rule.

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5. Kanu’s fight for referendum is clearly for the good of his people.

6. Kanu and IPOB have seen enough reason to trust and believe AtikuObi presidency would truly restructure Nigeria to a desired level.

7. Finally, IPOB will give Nigeria another chance via AtikuObi presidency to get it right.

Once more, I call that we welcome the call off and urge all IPOB members to vote in that ballot space that assures new Nigeria – PDP.


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