The Success Story Of Ebonyi State Vs Soundbites Of Little Ingrates

The Success Story Of Ebonyi State Vs Soundbites Of Little Ingrates

The laugbable, ignoble, subdued soundbites from very inconsequential quarters in Ebonyi state over an alleged threat to the life of a former aide to the state Governor, one Mr Abia Onyike, was dismissed as a publicity stunt of a drowning man by a few like me who cared to read. Infact l have been reading everything on Ebonyi especially since we got to know the great things the Governor is doing. The allegations by Onyike, a citizen of the state, were senseless indeed.

While neither the mainstream social media nor the people he targeted to tell his story, am sure, do not have any interest, it is important to point out that no serious state governments like Ebonyi, will give attention or take interest in all these stories, told mostly by people who are frustrated or failed to have their way.

It is only better, because l have some time now, to pass a few comments by way of further dismissing the unfounded issue or allegations of threat to his life by a Governor who is being celebrate by lgbos across the world for his numerous achievements and for making us proud.

It is difficult to imagine why and how His Excellency, Governor Dave Umahi, who was recently acclaimed “one of the most influential politicians in this country”, by virtue of his hardwork and achievements in office, will ever find the time to engage, think about, much more threaten a man who is very much irrelevant, of little consequence or of any significant value to the scheme of things. He is no threat to the smooth running of government business or can ever be a distraction to the the busy Governor..

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Why Mr Onyike who had occupied a few high positions both in his journalism profession and in government will throw caution and ethics to the wind to believe that integrity does not matter, will be a major concern to members of that noble profession who has time to read what he wrote against his state Governor.

While it may not be necessary to dwell on his misbehaviour, it is important to highlight a few issues about him; His total disregard/disrespect for the office of the Governor by the way he chose to address the person occupying that office, not even that he had served the administration, left so much to be desired of Onyike and showed the height of his primitive intelligence. A journalist for that matter.

That Onyike did not know or waited to be told that his right as an individual ended where public interest began, is to say the least, shameful and embarrassing to every sane mind. He refused to obey covid 19 safety protocols by travelling out of his state, despite both state and federal governments’ interstate travels/border closures, thereby portrayed himself as a criminal outlaw, a suspected person of interest and a danger to the same public he claimed he was criticizing the state Governor to protect their interest.

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The effrontery, disregard and disrespect he showed to constituted authority, his state government for that matter, by sneaking out and later back into the state, through bush paths, thereby breaking all the rules and existing executive orders, just to go and criticize the publicly acclaimed best achieved Governor in the south east and one of the few best performers in Nigeria. He displayed a dumb man’s courage that deserves the prescribed punishment with no mercy..

Is Onyike not lucky to be from Ebonyi where he has a Governor that governs with the fear of God who he thinks he can abuse or take for granted and get away with it?.

It is said that Ebonyi is the only state in the south east where everyone likes to be referred as “Honourable”, can walk in and out of the Government House at will/ unrestricted. It is also alleged that some people to feel so important and must be noticed, especially if they had been in government, at any level, and can criticize a sitting Governor who is doing so well for his people subjectively.

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The likes of Onyike, in any other state of the southeast outside Ebonyi, may not know his way the government house, much more having access.

How can Onyike complain about being asked to test for COVID or quarantined for 14 days, a requirement that’s a universal protocol to check the spread of COVID-19? What makes him so special, different from other people or immune to the disease? Here in Anambra, an LGA chairman would have dealt so severely with him, not to talk of the state Governor.

Let me end this by advising Mr Onyike to do something better with his time than criticizing a very busy Governor who has achieved so much for his people that we envy them. A Governor who is being celebrated today by lgbos across the south east and every where they are..

Mr Onyike is probably out of tune with current realities, even in his own state, that no one is interested in his cock and bull story about the Umahi in Ebonyi.

Dr Fineface Agubata Ike.
Ogidi, Anambra state.

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