The World Will Always Remember Donald Trump For This Reason

Donald Trump

Donald Trump may lose his bid to retain power as the President of the United States of America for another four years but the world will always remember him for this reason. 

As Americans take their final steps towards sealing their fate on who will be their president for the next four years, the world’s attention has been drawn to the several unusual events that have been trailing the United States Presidential election since it began last November. The recent and most unfortunate of these was the invasion of the Capitol yesterday by alleged Pro-Trump protesters which halted the confirmation process of the president-elect, Joe Biden, by the electoral college. 

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Currently, the tides seem not to be in favor of Donald Trump but even if he eventually loses, at last, the world will always remember him for this unusual trait discussed below 

Donald Trump Is A Die-Hard Fighter 

He might not be always right but I strongly believe Donald Trump has something the whole world should crave, “the spirit of fighting till it is finally over, not when it seems to be over”. Right before the United States Presidential election started, there have been several bold signs indicating that Mr. Trump is not the favorite candidate for the presidency. This eventually saw him losing the actual elections to his main rival, Joe Biden. 

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Even though there were no tangible proofs of fraud during the process, Trump in his fighting spirit has never ceased to challenge the integrity of the election. From the day vote counting started in the various states of the country, Trump has relentlessly explored every possible means to tell the world of the yet invisible fraud that occurred in the election. The State of Arizona has had her votes counted up to three times without detecting any fraud still Mr. Trump won’t conceal defeat. 

The recent drama at the Capitol is the height President Trump has gone to in order to ensure he continues as the next president of the United States. 

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Many people are already calling him all sorts of names but we shall all be amazed that all Trump is doing is “fighting to the very end”. It doesn’t matter whether he lost but that he lost fighting. You might think he is nut but what I see in Donald Trump is a man who never believes it is over until it is finally over and I think the whole world will remember him for this uncommon idiosyncrasy.

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