There Is A Terror Group Now In Lagos – Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, on Sunday, said there is a terror group in Lagos State.

Kanu while speaking during his live broadcast on Sunday said the Miyetti Allah in Ebonyi State is functioning as a terror group for years until the security outfit of IPOB, Eastern Security Network (ESN) single-handedly drove them out of the state.

He further stated that the federal government is after ESN and IPOB because of their determination to frustrate the terrorist groups in the South-East.

The IPOB leader added that he is not only in support of Biafra but also to all brave youths in Nigeria, adding his main aim is to see corrupt people in the country dead or imprisoned.

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He said, “God gave me another assignment this year, which is not only to serve the wonderful people of Biafra but also to serve the brave youths of Nigeria. And that’s what I’m doing. And I’ll continue to do until everybody is free and until every corrupt individual is either in the grave or be hanged or is in the prison.”

“The difference between us and some of you is that when we say things, we do it. But, you there keep grumbling and murmuring ‘things are bad o, things are bad.’ We are to make our dreams a reality, not because we are better than any other person but because Elohim is on the throne.”

Miyetti Allah was a full-fledged terror group n Ebonyi, but IPOB and ESN drove them out, that’s why the DSS (Department of State Services) is labelling ESN a terrorist group because we forbade Fulani murderers on our ancestral lands.”

“And before I came on air this evening, I had confirmation that they are now in Lagos. That was what they were cleverly trying to disguise as IPOB attacks on Lagos. I want to let you understand that if I tell you that we have a terror group in Lagos, you’ll marvel,” Kanu said.

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Kanu who spoke on the decision of the Southern Governors to ban open grazing said, IPOB and ESN will begin to restrict the oppression of their members by the DSS.

They are trying to tag the ESN terror group. Why? Because we defeated them in the East. We rendered them useless. Because of the work that Eastern Security Network did in the past, is doing now and will continue to do.”

“That is the why the southern governors came together only last week to announce a ban on open grazing. To try for the very first time in their life to confront head-on this Fulani Islamic hegemony as a result of the bravery and sacrifice of the Eastern Security Network.”

“Every DSS office that we know must be placed under surveillance and we must begin to deal with them as we lay our hands on them,” Kanu said.

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