They Are Angry I Blessed Nnamdi Kanu – Mbaka Reveals

An attempt by enemies of Enugu fiery priest, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka to use Enugu Catholic bishop Callistus Onaga to shutdown the Adoration Ministry has been exposed.

Mbaka who was declared missing early Wednesday was hurriedly set free to stop a protest which had already engulfed the Enugu capital.

Thousand of Adorationers in different groups had attacked the residence of Bishop Onaga at Igboeze Street, Independence Layout, Enugu just as attempt was made to raze down the Holy Ghost Catholic Cathedral.

The Adoration faithful took to the street demanding Mbaka’s release when it became clear that the priest would not turn up for the Wednesday ‘e no dey again’ programme at the Emene Adoration ground.

An information alleged to have come from Enugu Government House that Mbaka was with Bishop Onaga reportedly led the Adorationers to the Bishop’s Court.

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Two Governor’s from the South East are being fingered in a grand design to shut Mbaka up, put him out of corculation, shutdown the Adoration Ministry and finally send him away to Rome.

But the masterminds of the plot did not consider the wide followership the Ministry enjoys across Nigeria.

The also failed consider the miracles, the charity works of the priest who has lived and worked for the masses and deprived persons in the society.

Plot having failed, Mbaka arrived to a rousing.
Addressing the jubilant congregation, The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka said that he was not arrested or detained by security agents.

Mbaka said that he was invited to a meeting with the Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, Callistus Onaga, where he was ordered to vacate the adoration ground and remain silent for 30 days.

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He said that he was surprised to see other persons at the meeting which he thought was only between him and the Bishop.

He said there was a plan to shut the adoration ground over his recent comments against the govermment and for blessing Nnamdi Kanu.

“They ordered me to leave the Adoration Ground for 30 days. To be silent for 30 days and to leave Enugu. Their plan was to even send me to Rome after the 30 days.

“I asked them why I am being punished. They cannot tell me who to bless. They are angry that I blessed Nnamdi Kanu. I am a priest of God and nobody can tell me who to bless. Is it your blessing? Are you the one giving him life? Are you the one giving him life? Go and take away God’s blessings from him.

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“If you said I spoke against government, is there no insecurity in the country? Are they angry that I said government should provide jobs for the youths? I am a priest of God and I will continue to bless and speak the truth.

“I saw the implication of keeping me there. I told them that my people will look for me if they don’t allow me to attend the today’s programme (E no dey again).

“What would have happened if I had left Enugu as they instructed? We are a people of peace so I want you all to be peaceful. We wilI meet here again on Sunday God willing

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