This Cartoon Of President Buhari Has A Deeper Meaning

Cartoon Of President Buhari

An award winning political cartoonist, Mr. Bulama Mustapha has released another cartoon flakes in courtesy of Daily Trust Newspapers. This time around, the person on the animated picture is no other person than the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Bulama placed a frame picture of the President on the chair and it suits what the citizens are currently saying about the president. A lot of people have claimed that it is not President Buhari that we all know before.

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Due to the unending insecurity issues that we’re currently facing in the country and Mr. President is yet to address his citizens. As at yesterday we had some numbers of serious social unrest in the Shasha area of Oyo state, where the Yoruba’s attacked the Hausa’s and dismantled their little/valued properties.

Not only that but also the unlawful arrest of peaceful protesters at the Occupy Lekki toll gate protest, meanwhile, they were all released but before then, the police made life unbearable for them all. So sad.

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It’s so sad and the call of Mr. Buhari’s silence has prompted this political cartoonist to design this.

Bulama accompanied his tweet with caption where he asked, “Did I lie?”

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