This Country Has Been Destroyed – Actor Ugezu Ugezu Reacts To Present Naira To Dollar Exchange Rate

Nollywood actor Ugezu Ugezu has reacted to the present exchange rate of a dollar to the naira. The actor in a post shared on his social media page stated that Nigeria has been destroyed seeing how bad the economy has gotten.

The Dollar to Naira exchange is at N523 to $1 at the moment and the actor predicted that by December 2021 the exchange rate would have become N900 to $1. Ugezu Ugezu shared that the country is in its present state because the people who are at the reins of leadership have chosen not to leave and they do not understand the rules of money-making in a free economy. He said those who know about the economy and how to make it better are not given the opportunity to serve and change things

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