Throwback: Obaseki’s Allegiance Should Be To The People And Not Me – Oshiomole

Throwback: Obaseki’s Allegiance Should Be To The People And Not Me - Oshiomole

While campaigning for Obaseki in 2016, Oshiomhole, like Isaac, had poured all the blessings he had in his kitty, saying:

“God knows that Godwin comes from a large family in Benin Kingdom; he went to school, he finished his secondary school; he went to the University of Ibadan, he finished; there were no issues, he finished in flying colours

“He went to the US, he did his Masters; he came back home, started helping people to set up businesses. He helped to manage businesses; he helped to set up many banks, including several second-generation banks. I don’t care if Obaseki betrays me at the end of the day; Obaseki’s allegiance should be to the people and not me.”

He did not stop there. Oshiomhole continued:

“The oath of office he is going to subscribe to says that he will defend the Constitution of Nigeria; he will do everything to uplift the quality of life of Edo people. Nothing in his oath of office will include ‘I shall not betray my predecessor’ because I have no interest to be betrayed.

“Obaseki had been part of the tradition, he knows the vision; he knows the mission; he knows the target; he knows where we are; he knows the challenges and he knows how to overcome them.

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“He sits in the Office of the Economic Team which he built using his network of friends inside the heart of Government House without demanding one Naira.

“I know my limit; he knows his limit. Godwin Obaseki has worked for seven-and-half years for the people of Edo State, using his brain, creativity, quietly, not making noise.

“A man like Obaseki who will not ask me to give him contracts, but will promise me, Comrade, you just do the thinking, we will create the means to actualise your thoughts.

“And to his credit today, check the books of Edo State, we did not build new structures in Government House with government money. That economic team office was built through Godwin’s network. Today, it remains a permanent asset of the state government.”

In his I-don’t-care employment of adjectives, Oshiomhole hit Ize-Iyamu below the belt. Of Ize-Iyamu, he said:

“By his own CV he was rusticated for two years; his father begged and the school allowed him to do ‘patch-patch’ examination, but could not beg them in Lagos to admit him to the Nigerian Law School. That’s why, although he read law, he is not a barrister”, and that the man’s community service is zero.

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He alleged that Ize-Iyamu belonged to some clandestine organisation while in school; bathed a student with acid and got rustication as punishment. He also said that Ize-Iyamu never had any experience aside working with Lucky Igbinedion. First, as personal assistant; second job, GM of one ‘wuruwuru’(company) which, according to him, is dead today.

“Then he became secretary to government to Lucky Igbinedion. It is true we found ourselves in the region of politics working together, but I never gave him government job; I never gave him government job, but other people that I trusted. I kept him busy holding meetings which he’s used to. It’s not a mistake. He begged me to make him the director-general of my campaign. Now, ask him, since he was the DG, why didn’t I appoint him to government? ‘Cunning man dies, cunning man bury am’. I didn’t want to spend my time watching his files; so, I kept him busy; let him be holding midnight meetings where he can tell lies as many lies as he can; while he’s telling lies, I am busy running government.

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“Because, if I did not do that, he could have done to me what he did to Lucky. But when he came to me, we kept him away, no access to public funds, and that is how we were able to channel our resources the way that we have done, that today Edo whether you like it or not, it can’t be like before; it can only get better. Look at the road to his house, in our books, was a dual-carriage way; they took the money, they constructed the road near his house, they stopped; can you imagine that? Just to the foot of his gate, the road stopped. Is that the kind of man who wants to lead Edo State?”

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