Time To Sack Your Corrupt Ministers

A round of applause is befitting the announcement of new service Chiefs. Even though it came after the loss of 1000s of innocent lives, destruction of properties and infestation of canal insecurity across the nation. It is still commendable.

The President is called to turn his attention to his cabinet. His very weak and corrupt cabinet. He needs to use the same brush to start a new clean slate.

One of the critical ministries that need urgent attention is the Federal Ministry of Education – in this time of health pandemic.

The ministry needs a more proactive and less corrupt Minister to pilot the affairs. The current minister, Adamu Adamu has converted the ministry into a cesspit of corruption.

The ministry has failed to properly manage the schools in the face of the new break out of health crisis. Instead, the minister has opted to enrich his family and cronies.

It is sad. The future of our children and the future of Nigeria is left in the hands of an absent minded corrupt individual who has shown limited ability to pilot the affairs of the ministry.

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