Tinubu is a Coward Says Group Leader

The reaction of the National leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu at during his condolence visit to one of the leaders of Afenifere over his daughters’ death is still generating ripples.

Africa Lion who’s the leader of Unity Among Nigerians Movement , UANM, in his voice broadcast called the APC National leader a “coward” and “thinks for nobody.”

Africa Lion  said Tinubu’s dispositions during the build up to 2015 election exposed him for who he really is thus “nobody should regard whatever he says as a topic”

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He went ahead to describe Tinubu as “a greedy fellow who has no pedigree to stand on anything.”

Africa Lion  who described himself as “African Lion” maintained that he’s not afraid to say these hard truths before Asiwaju.

“Tinubu is playing down on the atrocities of Fulani Herdsmen because he want to be the president of Nigeria” which he assured him “will never come to fruition.”

“If you go to Lagos State,  Tinubu sold Lagos State bus stops to louts for as much as 5 Million Naira according to number of electric poles in other to raise funds to finance President Buhari’s election in 2015.

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African Lion wondered why a man that is regarded as leader will utter the ignoble statement that “Igbos started kidnapping in Nigeria.” He maintained that “if Tinubu can say this kind of word, he will be worse than Buhari if by any chance, he becomes Nigeria President.

“If Tinubu can behave like this mad dog even when he hasn’t emerged as the president, you can imagine what he will do if he emerges; but that will never happen, Nigerians will resist such Character.

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“The 2023 fight will not be based on party line but a fight between good and evil because despite the fact that Tinubu is a Yoruba man, he doesn’t mean well for them rather a coward who lived in London working in a supermarket and accidentally found his way into Nigeria politics.”

He assured Tinubu that his case will be like that of other southerners that has been used and dumped by the Fulanis.

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