Traditional Title Holder In Bauchi, Umaru Yakubu, Dies

Until his death, Yakubu was the Ɗan’iyan of Katagum. A source said the he died in the early hours of Monday in the town.

Ibrahim Baba, a former House of Representatives member, had in a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, alleged that there was a massive outbreak of Coronavirus in the town.
Baba said Azare had recorded over 100 COVID-19 deaths in the last one week.
Also, a Peoples Democratic Party candidate from the area, who contested the last general elections, Musa Azare, in an open letter to Governor Bala Mohammed claimed that as of Thursday, there were over 301 fresh graves dug at the Azare cemetery.
He said what was more worrisome was the way people accompanied the corpses for burial, pointing out that it was in violation of government’s directive on safety from the virus.
He said, “Information reaching me from Azare says that there were 301 fresh graves in the Azare cemetery, dug in the last 14 days. I have verified this information from multiple sources.
“Most of the people who have died were aged 60 and above. Since April 24 when Fatima Adamu, the mother of the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, died in Azare, we have been seeing more deaths.
“About 300 persons have died in Azare now. No autopsy has been carried out to determine what killed them and we have been living as if nothing was going on.
“We are scared because most people living in Azare are like a family. We need a COVID-19 testing centre to determine what’s going on.”

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