Uzodinma’s Litany Of Lies And Audacity Of A Tyrant


By Collins Opurozor

I have never been more embarrassed to be an Imo person than today. I listened to the tirade which passed for my Governor’s address after his 100 days in office.

That the Omuma-born career politician wasted his entire time telling bare-faced lies wasn’t as shocking as him spending state funds to finance such unconscionable lies in the national and local media.

He claimed to have brought TSA and ended the activities of middlemen in the collection IGR. This is a wicked lie and an insult on Imo people who know that TSA was introduced by the former administration. A similar falsehood is that he raised the IGR from N600 million to N1.2 billion. This is completely false. The truth is that the last IGR declared by the Ihedioha administration in December 2019 stood at N1.2 billion. Is it not a magic that this same Hope Uzodinma who has not succeeded in assigning portfolios to his tribe of appointees can claim to have doubled Imo’s IGR overnight?

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My Governor also bragged to have developed housing units for civil servants in the three senatorial districts. May we quickly remind him that the Imo State Housing Corporation has been comatose ever since he took over. No appointment has been made there, and no single activity has been carried out. My Governor also lied.

His Excellency also said he renovated the Imo State Secretariat and restored electricity therein. Sir, you met it recently renovated and the electricity well restored by your predecessor. Even the public water scheme in Owerri you claimed to have done was done by your predecessor. While the entire first part of my Governor’s speech could be described as a litany of lies, the second part is the audacity of a tyrant.

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How could my Governor spend a little below N200 million to furnish his bed room at a time that responsible leaders are fighting coronavirus and availing their citizens of palliatives?

How could my Governor claim to have built four coronavirus isolation and treatment centers in Imo whereas the index case in Imo State is at FMC because there is no other facility to handle the case?

Describing Imo people as pension fraudsters is a provocative insult that deserves a reprisal. Describing the Government House as a house of rats and rodents is unpatriotic, ungubernatorial and very distasteful.

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It is clear that Hope Uzodinma has failed to realize the difference between inquest and governance, tyranny and democracy. From what he has reeled out, my Governor has come to probe, arrest, break bones and set Imo on fire, even as the people sink deeper into thr abyss of penury. With tears in my eyes, I feel embarrassed to be an Imo person during this dark period.

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