#UFC259: Isreal Adesanya Loses For The First Time To Jan Blachowicz

Isreal Adesanya loses his undefeated title and record in his Light Heavyweight title match against the Polish MMA fighter Jan Blachowicz.

Blachowicz retains his title as the world champion in the Light heavyweight division.

Jan Blachowicz defeated the Nigerian Stylebender Isreal Adesanya in a 5-round contest, that saw for the first time Isreal lose his undefeated title but still retains his middleweight titles.

This fight made it obvious that Isreal Adesanya most definitely needs to improve hugely on his wrestling, grappling and ground fighting techniques.

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Isreal Adesanya loses to Jan Blachowicz
Isreal Adesanya loses to Jan BlachowiczBlachowicz won by a unanimous decision 49-45, 49-45, 49-46, win the first three rounds he utterly dominated Isreal.

Hopefully, this fight doesn’t batter Izzi’s confidence, it is difficult enough to try to move up from weight to fight in another division. Only 5 fighters have been able to do that successfully at an elite sobriety level.

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