Universities Strike: ASUU Is A Fraud

 ASUU Is A Fraud

ASUU has become a law unto themselves. Greedy lots. They are all about more money, money for themselves. They care not about Nigerian students. The problems facing our universities is partly caused by lecturers themselves. ASUU members run the universities, ASUU members teach and produce poor graduates, etc.

The major failings of ASUU are summarized below:

ASUU has failed to hold its lecturers to high teaching standard, which uses classroom exercises and case studies to impart knowledge, as done abroad. All ASUU knows is money.

ASUU has failed to speak up on sexual harassment by its members in our universities. All ASUU knows is more money.

ASUU has failed to speak about the lack of sufficient scholarships for deserving students in Nigerian universities. Big Brother Nigeria winner earned millions for a mad show, while educated folks languish. ASUU has been silent about the lack of federal support for bright students. All ASUU knows is themselves.

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ASUU members were useless in finding a cure for Covid-19. Professors around the world independently led reaearch into possible vaccines and cure for Coronavirus. Oxford, Imperial College profs, without much noise, commenced research but our profs only think of more salary. This is not about the lack of laboratories; even if there were labs, our profs are useless in solving problems for society.

ASUU has failed to hold universities to account for the billions of naira earned from foundation programmes, post graduate fees, post utme fees, etc. Many infrastructural or research projects can be funded by the universities own internally generated fund.

ASUU has not made members discipline a core part of its mandate. Lecturers act like gods, do what they like and fail students at will. Some do not come to class and some dont teach well. ASUU can help by taking a look at the conduct of its members. But No, ASUU doesn’t do that. It is all govts fault.

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ASUU’s demands are all about salary. More money. Less about research works, research facilities and equipment, commercialization of successful innovations, govt support for Nigerian research innovations. ASUU ought to be fighting for the latter issues, not salary, ippis and rubbish.

As for IPPIS, the FG reserves the right to enrol its employees onto any system it deems fit. ASUU or employees cannot dictate to an employer how to manage its pay system. ASUU’s position on IPPIS insults the sensibilities of educated Nigerians and in fact, they are pushing their luck too far.

However, I urge the FG to consider a slight increase to the salary of lecturers. The exact amount it for the govt to decide, but a slight increase is necessary. And an increase in allocation to universities. Education deserves more funding as resources may permit…. but ASUU is all about themselves. Greedy lots.

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I also urge the FG to equip our universities and provide reaearch grants for researchers. And finally support Nigerian innovations with testing opportunities and commercialization channels.

As for ASUU, their members are partly responsible for the rot in Nigerian universities and ASUU would do well to hold their members to account for the issues above. The FG and the NUC cannot do everything. ASUU should stop being greedy and silly. They are employees of the FG, not a law unto themselves. They cannot dictate or force upwards their salaries nor their pay system. Calm reasonable discussion would do. Not strike that serves no one any good.

Failure by ASUU to behave, the FG and the National Assembly should consider legal dismantling of the union. Nigeria is greater than a union of greedy semi-literate dummies.

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