US dramatic election: Trump’s team has filed a third lawsuit, demonstrating

The AP originally reported that Trump’s team wanted the court to suspend the counting of votes after Tuesday’s presidential election. The current president’s staff, which launched legal battles to hold the presidency, took such a step during Wednesday in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

According to a lawsuit filed by Republicans in the Georgian district of Chatham, their observer noticed that a member of the census commission was suspiciously handling unprocessed tickets sent by mail that arrived after the deadline. He allegedly ranked them among those who arrived on time.

Republicans are calling for delayed tickets to be segregated and not counted. “President Trump and his team are fighting for the good of the nation to keep the rule of law, and the law in Georgia is clear: in order for votes to count, they must arrive on election day by 7 p.m.,” said Justin Clark of Trump’s election campaign. Her deputies said they were considering proceeding elsewhere in Georgia, as in the case of Chatham County, in the case of votes sent by post. Before the election, Trump criticized the correspondence vote and warned that it would be falsified.

According to Democratic Party lawyer Marc Elias, Trump’s team is filing a number of insignificant lawsuits across the United States. “Don’t be fooled,” he wrote on twitter. “They know they lost and they only have this left,” he added.

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According to American media projections, Trump’s Democratic rival in the fight for the White House has so far won 264 voters, and he needs 270 to win. Trump has 214 voters so far. Whoever wins in Georgia will claim another 16 voters.

In Georgia, Trump is currently leading Biden by tens of thousands of votes, but not counted in populous, Democrat-favored districts.

Several demonstrations took place in the USA

While Americans are eagerly awaiting the results of one of the most tense elections in recent history, some have taken to the streets of major cities to demand a fair count of all votes. Although, according to The Guardian, they were mainly Democrat supporters, supporters of Republican President Donald Trump also met for this purpose in the state capital of Arizona. At the same time, he has repeatedly called for the number of votes in several key states to stop counting, and he is also seeking legal action.

The American media do not agree on the screenings in Arizona. Fox News predicted Democrat Biden as the first victory in the southwestern United States, followed by the acclaimed AP. However, a number of other media outlets, including CNN Television, are more cautious and point out that the Democrat’s lead is narrowing with other counted votes. Trump’s campaign now hopes that the state will still be able to win over, which would significantly increase its chances of victory.

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In Phoenix, a group of Trump supporters gathered in front of the state parliament building, who, according to The Guardian, chanted “Fox’s shame” precisely because this otherwise Republican-leaning station so quickly attributed the victory in the state to the Democratic candidate. “Tomorrow (today CET) more votes will be counted at Phoenix City Hall and we need as many patriots to show up there as possible to have the largest possible presence there,” the protest organizers said. According to observers, one of the participants in the demonstration had an army rifle with him.

The Guardian notes that the Trump administration contradicts itself in its approach to counting correspondence votes. In Pennsylvania, for example, where Trump’s original lead gradually diminishes with the number of votes counted, he is seeking to stop the census in court. In Arizona, on the other hand, where Trump is slowly catching up, he calls for the process to continue.

Trump declared the winner of the election on Wednesday night, although final screenings are not yet available. As before the campaign, he claimed without evidence that the election was accompanied by widespread fraud. However, there are no confirmed reports about this yet.

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Further protests for the full tally were met today, for example, in Michigan. The result was very tight for a long time, but according to projections, Biden eventually overtook Trump. In Detroit, right-wing opponents of protection measures against the spread of coronavirus first met, but were then replaced by protesters demanding a census.

The tense situation also occurred when one of the local election commissions banned about 30 Republican observers from entering the census room, saying it would be a violation of state measures against the spread of covid-19. The observers eventually had to be taken out by the police. Some of them then stood outside, singing “God Bless America” ​​and chanting “stop voting, stop the census,” the AP agency wrote.

Demonstrations also erupted in New York, where hundreds of people gathered. Some of them waved flags and had inscriptions like “count every vote, every vote counts”. The local police then posted photos on social networks of burning piles of garbage, which she said were set on fire by some of the protesters. At least 20 participants were arrested by the security forces, mostly for blocking traffic or rioting.

Smaller meetings also met in Portland, Atlanta and Oakland.

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